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The Lansing Journal Journeys: The Gateway Arch

From left: Malcolm, Michelle, Autumn, and Andy Smith pause outside the Gateway Arch for a Journal Journeys photo. (Family selfie: Andy Smith)

Lovin’ the Latte: Connie Simon with her mom

Connie Simon is always up for a Lansing Journal Latte, and last week she took her mom, Janet Sanders, to Kdulche Cafe for a ...

The Lansing Journal journeys: SpaceX launch

"We watched the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch on a hill overlooking San Diego," wrote Cathy White, pictured here with her grandkids Mila and Logan White. (Photo: Ron White)

Journal Journeys: Heather Talbot and the weather photos she reserved

"As a former Lansing resident, now in Virginia, I read the paper everyday," wrote Heather Talbot when she asked about the weather photos ...

Lovin’ the Latte: Principal Matt Kamien from Lansing Christian School

Matt Kamien finally got to try the Lansing Journal Latte while his students were on Spring Break. (Photo: Matt Kamien)

The Lansing Journal journeys: Eclipsing in San Diego

Ron and Cathy White were eclipsing in San Diego and brought The Lansing Journal with ....

Journal Journeys: Elizabeth Bush and the weather photo she purchased

Elizabeth Bush said she really likes all the weather photos on display on the gallery wall, and she

Journal Journeys: Steve Mares and grandkids help launch another new version

And now the journeys continue. Steve Mares — himself a Published Photographer in The Lansing Journal — recently purchased one of the weather photos ...

Lovin’ the Latte: Patricia Kremer

Patricia Kremer is a fan of Lansing and of The Lansing Journal. So at a meeting with Journal Publisher Melanie Jongsma, she was happy to experience the Lansing Journal Latte...

The Lansing Journal journeys: Lambeau Field

"Last week, my job took me to Green Bay, WI. So Stella and I visited Lambeau Field and we brought the paper with us," Steve Mares said...

Expanding the Journal Journeys

We love to see our community represented in the Journal — and we love to see the Journal represented in our community.

Lovin’ the Latte: Missy Krygsheld

Melanie Jongsma and Missy Krygsheld's early-morning walk brought them to Kdulche Cafe too early — the bistro wasn't yet open....

Lovin’ the Latte: Diane Lund

"I took the photo of just the Latte," said new Latte-lover Diane Lund. "Yum."

Lovin’ the Latte: Janice Schurman (and Dave)

"Forgot to take a picture till after it was gone," admitted Janice Schurman after enjoying a Lansing Journal Latte. (Photo: Dave Schurman)

The Lansing Journal journeys: Cheryl Graff in New York

Cheryl obtained a "Published Photographer" T-shirt and found a clever way to "join" the other published photographers in the White family.