Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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The Lansing Journal journeys: Lake Michigan Circle Tour

The Franklins took a driving tour of Lake Michigan as part of the Lake Michigan Circle Tour. Driving 1,156 miles around the lake...

The Lansing Journal journeys: Ireland and Malta

Marti and William Benne traveled to both Ireland and Malta — a journey that included football, a newspaper office, the Mediterranean...

The Lansing Journal journeys: Iceland

Irene Sepiol and Cathy Knetl took a trip in Iceland in August, which Sepiol describes as a "wonderfully beautiful country"...

The Lansing Journal journeys: Ramona Rodeo

Young Logan White was a winning contestant in the Mutton Bustin' event at the Ramona Rodeo in California.

The Lansing Journal journeys: Pacific Coast

"I was NOT going to miss The Journal on this journey!" wrote Connie Simon as she set out for the Pacific Coast.

The Lansing Journal journeys: Aruban submarine!

"We decided to show the depths of our commitment to the Journal Journeys," punned Dave Schurman from an Aruban submarine

The Lansing Journal journeys: Sea World

Both Mila White and her friend the Green Sea Turtle caught up on the news at Sea World San Diego. (Photo: Cathy White)

The Lansing Journal journeys: Inishmore Island, Ireland

Patrick Prendergast (left) and Amy Todd brought The Lansing Journal to Ireland and posed with it on Inishmore Island. (Photo: Amy Todd)

The Lansing Journal journeys: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

"This was one of the stops on our South Dakota adventure," wrote Irene Sepiol (left), pictured here with Cathy Knetl at Mount Rushmore, SD, on July 18, 2023.

Journal Java Journeys (Kemp’s version): ‘Almost as fantastic as Gayety’s’

"The Lansing Journal seemed to be my good luck charm in Walker, Minnesota, at the local Super One grocery store," wrote Wilma Straatman.

The Lansing Journal journeys: A Hawaiian luau in Bristol, Indiana

From left: Tim and Pam Jansma, Janice and Dave Schurman, and Joyce and Brad Dykstra — all Lansing residents — went camping in Bristol, Indiana. (The Dykstras' grandson Cohen is in the front row.) "We were having a Hawaiian Luau," explained Dave, "and decided to...

Journal Java Journeys: Lauren Jahn

Enjoying Journal Java Chip at Gayety's is Lauren Jahn's latest example of community involvement, complete with a photo submission to our Journal Java Journeys feature....

The Lansing Journal journeys: Demotte, Indiana

"Spent the afternoon with a friend and her hubby who have moved from Illinois to DeMotte, Indiana. Took my well-worn Lansing Journal along for the ride," wrote Wilma Straatman.

Journal Java Journeys: Itinerancy in action

Welcome to Lansing, Pastor Jarkloh!

The Lansing Journal journeys: At the Ark

submitted by Dave and Janice Schurman About The Lansing Journal Journeys The Lansing Journal Journeys is an award-winning feature that showcases people displaying The Lansing Journal...