Building community: The Lansing Journal brand

The Lansing Journal is the only newspaper in Lansing, Illinois. We are in the business of building community in our region by keeping people informed and connected.

A message to our readers

Our “building community” promise means that you get news about your community from people who are part of your community. Each byline and photo credit is the name of a local person who stands behind his or her work.

Lansing is a diverse community, and we are intentional about sharing news that includes all of Lansing. We want The Lansing Journal to be a news source you look forward to reading — whether you are an old-timer or a newcomer; whether you are white collar or blue collar; whether you are black, brown, or white; whether you are young or old.

A message to our advertisers

If you are a local business, church, school, or other organization, The Lansing Journal can provide you with targeted advertising opportunities that achieve measurable results. Our affordable advertising options allow you to reach larger markets even with a smaller marketing budget.

We won’t promise you results unless we are confident we can deliver. We won’t push to close a sale unless it will help your business as well as ours.

An invitation to build community with us

Our role in building community here is to keep people informed and connected. We provide local information that makes connection possible. We depend on readers to take the next step and building community. What will you do with the information you read in The Lansing Journal? Some ideas:

All of these are ways to get involved in building community.

The Lansing Journal provides information so that people can choose how to connect. If you value this brand of journalism, there are three ways you can help:

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Support from our community helps cover the cost of reporting, publishing, and delivering local news every day to keep people informed and connected.