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When you advertise with The Lansing Journal, you keep your message in front of potential customers for a full month at a time. Whatever zone or style you choose, your digital ad will receive thousands of views from people in Lansing and surrounding areas. We’ll link the ad to your Facebook page, website, custom landing page, or email address so you can turn those page views into paying customers.

What you can expect

Partnering with The Lansing Journal, you can expect:

  • Eyeballs—Over 50,000 pageviews of our site each month
  • Reach—Not just Lansing, but also Chicago, Flossmoor, Munster, Highland, Schererville, South Holland, Calumet City, St. John, Crown Point, Cedar Lake, Naperville, and dozens of other towns
  • Results—Digital advertising reports that specify how many views, hovers, and clicks your ad is getting, and where those interactions are coming from
  • Consulting—Need help crafting your message? We can do that.
  • Help—No ad designer on staff? We can provide that service for an extra $100
  • Attention—Lansing Journal readers are engaged and supportive. They look forward to receiving the news each day, and they support organizations who support their community newspaper.

Our mission is Building Community, and your business is an important part of this community. We want to help you succeed.

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Pricing based on performance

Larger ads and more visible zones are priced accordingly, and even our smallest sizes and positions perform well.

How about specialty ads?

We offer a number of digital advertising formats that increase visibility by including movement or interaction. The Slide-In coupon is a popular example, as is the Sneaker Footer seen on this page. Ask about pricing on the specialty ads sampled below.

Amazing Cube

An ad that displays 6 images and captions in a rotating cube. Great for capturing attention, especially for businesses with strong visuals (food, flowers, jewelry, even real estate). The cube offers a number of specialty options, including a separate link destination for each photo if needed.


An ad with a front image that can be “scratched” to reveal an underlying image or message. Great for before-and-after messaging or secret coupons.

YouTube Video with text

If your organization has already created a video advertisement, we can embed your YouTube™ link into an ad that fits the width and height of any of our zones.

Sticky note

We can jot down your ad message on a sticky note affixed to the top right of the screen and set it up to click over to your website or Facebook page for more information. Scroll back up to see the sample sticky note on this page. (The sticky note specialty ad is not available if the Billboard zone is being used.)

Instant Facebook

This ad creates a window to the latest post on your organization’s Facebook page. If you are already regularly updating your Facebook page with photos, specials, events, this ad will extend your reach to people who are currently outside of your network.

Many more digital advertising specialty options are available! Email us to ask for ideas about your specific business type.

Don’t need a full month? Place a daily ad inside our Daily News email

Get delivered right to our subscribers’ inboxes. Note: These ads are most effective in shorter runs—5 to 7 days—so our pricing is per day rather than per month.

  • Ad size: 640 x 300px
  • Positions available: 3 per day, at the top, middle, and bottom of the email

Why advertise with The Lansing Journal?

We partner with you to develop an ad that works for your organization. We research your business, craft a message, suggest effective calls to action, and recommend a placement. Then, throughout your month of advertising, we’ll send you reports so you can track the results you’re getting. Lansing Journal readers are engaged and supportive. They look forward to receiving the news each day, they read and share the article links, and they support organizations who support their community newspaper.

Most important, when you advertise with The Lansing Journal, your advertising dollars are always reinvested in local, independent news that builds community.

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