Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Thursday: Sunny and 68

Ducks and rainbows from Betty Burley and young Buddy Klein ...

Wednesday: Breezy and cooler

Sharon Gonzalez noticed the moon on Tuesday, May 21. "Nice and bright," she said. "So beautiful." (Photo: Sharon Gonzalez)

Tuesday: Cool, with showers

On a walk through the forest preserve with her husband Todd, Connie Simon noticed a lone cottonwood leaf stuck in a web

Memorial Day: Possible showers

Thanks for the cicada photos, Wilma Straatman and Diane Lund ...

Sunday: Thunderstorms

"Friday night cicada party," wrote Harry Lamoureux, noticing a collection of the insects and their shells on a tree trunk at the west end of 186th Street.

Saturday: Sunny, pleasant, less humid

A relaxed squirrel took advantage of a sunny Sunday and spent time lounging on Dan Centracchio's fence. (Photo: Dan Centracchio)

Friday: Warm with storms

"Beautiful redwinged blackbirds near Bethel Church," wrote Laurie Boer on Friday, May 17. (Photo: Laurie Boer)

Thursday: 81 and sunny

The Schurmans' walk with Sage (pictured) through the TF South parking lot was shrouded in fog on Friday morning. (Photo: Janice Schurman)

Wednesday: Breezy and cooler

After a cloudy, gloomy, rainy Friday, Lisi Klein noticed some final moments of sunshine and grabbed a photo of the sunset.

Tuesday: ‘Risk of damaging winds’

Wilma Straatman capture a reflective sunset photo as she was leaving Sign Language class at Our Saviour Lutheran Church last Thursday evening.

Monday: High of 87

Cathy Hallow captured a Saturday sunset over the Lansing Country Club lake.

Sunday: A pleasant 74 degrees

Cathy White captured an azalea bush blooming in Lansing. (Photo: Cathy White)

Weather photo exhibition to be deinstalled Thursday, May 30

The 24 photographs that comprise the "Lansing Through the Seasons" photo exhibition will be deinstalled from the library's ...

Saturday: Summery

"This little one hopped over into the parking lot during a pop-up," wrote Betty Burley....

Friday: A partly sunny 77

Jasmine Arnold captured dramatic skies over Lansing while driving home near Wentworth and Ridge. (Photo: Jasmine Arnold)