Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Sunday: Much cooler

Cathy White captured one of Lansing's beautiful sunsets, this one on Thursday, December 7, looking west from 191st Place. (Photo: Cathy White)

Saturday: Early rain, continued mild

Despite the springlike weather, this home on School Street and 185th is determined to generate some Christmas spirit. (Photo: Wilma Straatman)

Friday: December spring continues

"As much as I dislike the shorter days and early darkness," wrote Rebecca Furlong, "the sunsets have been amazingly beautiful!"

Thursday: Unseasonably warm

"I could not pass this picture up!" wrote Lansing resident Jen Arnold. "Jasmine and I were in Munster and noticed how beautiful the sky looked! What a beautiful ending to a great day." (Photo: Jen Arnold)

Wednesday: Continued cloudiness

Tuesday's snow served to highlight the Christmas lights at this home in Oakwood Estates. (Photo: Connie Simon)

Tuesday: ‘A little snow’ changing to rain

A home on 188th Street sends a brightly colored message about the spirit of the season. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Monday: Clouds, then possible sun

LANSING, Ill. (December 3, 2023) — Lansing is forecast to stay in the 30s most of Monday, hitting a high of 40 around 2...

Sunday: Rain, possibly with wet snowflakes

"The rain today didn't dampen the smiles and bright colors of these inflatables," wrote Wilma Straatman on December 1. She snapped this photo of a yard on the 182nd block of Wildwood. (Photo: Wilma Straatman)

Saturday: Morning drizzle; afternoon clouds

December in Lansing started with heavy rains in the pre-dawn hours and drizzle throughout the day. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Friday: Cooler and rainier

From his back yard on Oakwood, Dave Schurman caught the Monday night moon lighting up the thin layer of clouds.

Thursday: Fog, then rain

Connie Simon titled this photo "Sweet Woods Sunrise Splendor." (Photo: Connie Simon)

Wednesday: A balmy 39 degrees

A ribbon of moss caulks the crack in a sidewalk along Chicago Avenue. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Tuesday: Even colder

"While Todd and Lucas Simon were walking in the Lansing Woods," wrote Connie Simon last week, "Lucas found this enormous clam!..."

Monday: Quite cold

Wilma Straatman spent some reflective time in the forest preserve on Thanksgiving afternoon and got to enjoy some sightings of woodland creatures.

Sunday: ‘A little snow at times’

"Technically the moon is 96% illuminated," wrote Rebecca Furlong Saturday evening, "but it appears full to me....