Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Saturday: Breezy with clouds and sun

Sharon Gonzalez captured these dramatic clouds one Saturday afternoon. "Sun is hiding behind clouds," she wrote, "but trying its hardest to come out and shine."

Friday: Cooler; afternoon sun

Chuck Roseen captured the Sunday morning sun peering through branches at Lansing Woods. (Photo: Chuck Roseen)

Thursday: Cooler, with rain

"Beautiful frosty morning pictures," wrote Laurie Boer. "Taken at our home on Monday, March 11." (Photos: Laurie Boer)...

Wednesday: Some sun, some clouds, some rain

Farrah Mata captured a sunset at Bernice Road and Burnham Ave....

Tuesday: Afternoon breeziness, continued warm

"Was out walking at Lan-Oak Park as the sun was setting," wrote Daniel Cuthbert last Wednesday, "and caught the light between the trees. It was just crying out to be captured!"

How weather photos became a thing in Lansing

Above: Dozens of community members gathered around the gallery wall at the Lansing Public Library during the Open House for "Lansing through the Seasons,"...

Monday: Mostly sunny, warmer

"It was a beautiful but chilly day to walk my pups," wrote David Franklin a few days ago. He came upon an interesting tree at Copper Mugger’s Park...

Sunday: Sunny

Joseph Bugajski was hiking in Jurgensen Woods last week and took a photo of a controlled burn taking place....

Saturday: Afternoon rain or snow (and don’t forget the time change)

"I always look for these signs of spring temperatures," wrote Diane Lund about the sunny crocuses she photographed....

Friday: 55 and rainy

"The enemy for allergy sufferers everywhere has descended upon us this Spring morning," wrote Betty Burley. ...

Thursday: Not as cool

"Coming home from work today the sun was shining perfectly!" wrote Jen Arnold on March 4, before storms moved in and temperatures dropped....

Wednesday: Still breezy, but turning sunny

"I caught the sunset bouncing off a contrail," wrote Gina Franklin on Saturday. "In a few seconds it was gone." (Photo: Gina Franklin)

Updated time for Library weather photo exhibition: Open House 5–7 p.m.; presentation 6 p.m.

"Lansing through the Seasons" exhibition Monday, March 11, 5–7 p.m.; presentation moved to 6 p.m. Note: The story below is a re-release of the article...

Tuesday: 30 degrees cooler

"Always an interesting pastime; cloud watching," said Wilma Straatman about the view looking south on Wentworth. (Photo: Wilma Straatman)

Monday: Turning cloudy, but still warm

Cathy White captured these clematis spiral seed pods in Saturday's sun and blue skies. "Just waiting for summer," she said....