Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Saturday: Morning rain, then cloudy

Both Terry Kapteyn and Connie Simon shared flag photos this week ...

Good Friday: A good day for the Prayer Walk

"Check out this face!" wrote Betty Burley when she submitted this robin photo last week....

Thursday: Partly cloudy; warming

Jasmine Gonzalez captured this turtle-shaped cloud, and her mom captured a Walmart sunset (click to view both)...

Wednesday: Cooler, but sunny

Lisi Klein's brother Daryl (Buddy) saw how much fun she was having with weather photography and decided he would try it too. He traveled the bike path to the north side of town for this shot of the Lansing water tower and a beautiful Lansing sky. (Photo: Daryl Klein)

Tuesday: Clouds, wind, rain, and cooler temps

"While I am not a meteorologist," wrote Jennifer Cottrill last Friday morning from the 178th block of Roy Street, "I believe that what I saw on my windshield this morning was graupel."

Monday: Warmer, with rain

Rebecca Furlong (left) and Janice Schurman both captured signs of spring during the up-and-down temperatures of March. On State Line and Oakwood Ave at least, the daffodils are blooming.

Sunday: Thick clouds

Young weather photographer Lisi Klein returns with her second published photo — this one of a chilly morning at the east end of the Lansing Municipal Airport....

Saturday: Continued cold

Betty Burley shared side by side photos of her spring crocus, and a few days later she caught a cold sunrise...

Of parks and parking lots: available weather photos and why you should buy them

The photos currently displayed on the library's gallery wall — and the hundreds of others that have been published — are not just about flowers and sunsets....

Friday: Rain or snow (no accumulation)

"As I walked out this morning," wrote Erica Spencer on Tuesday, "the beautiful sky caught my attention. I had to stop and take a picture of such a captivating view."

Thursday: Still a chill

Amy Todd noticed the sign of the cross in the morning skies over St. John Lutheran Church (18100 Wentworth). "I thought it was pretty cool," she said.

Wednesday: A return to the 30s

Ron White joined the Published Photographers club when he submitted this shot of the panoramic storm clouds along Glenwood-Lansing Road....

Tuesday: Warmer

Wilma Straatman took this photo outside the library after leaving the March 11 Open House for "Lansing through the Seasons." She said, "Yes. Just the shot that I need to remember this exhibit and this moment in time." (Photo: Wilma Straatman)

Monday: Continued clouds and colds

After attending the Open House for the weather photo exhibition, Jen Arnold looked west on Community Street and Adams and captured a unique shot of the crescent moon.

Sunday: Noticeably cooler

First-time weather photographer Neil Johnson captured the wind in action in his back yard on Saturday and joked, "Like many probably were today — three sheets to the wind!" (Photo: Neil Johnson)