Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Video: A walking tour of Josh’s highlight reel

During Josh's time at The Lansing Journal he has written more than 1,300 articles. Join us on a walking tour of Josh's highlight reel ...

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Obituary: Rosalie Carol Putignano (nee Caronna)

Obituary Rosalie Putignano - Rosalie Putignano, age 91, of Lansing, IL, passed away at home on May 29, 2024. ...

Obituary: Carole Ann Janiga

Obituary Carole Janiga - Carole Ann Janiga (nee Hathaway), age 82, of Calumet City, IL, passed away June 10, 2024.

Obituary: Diana Rose Aud

Obituary Diana Aud - Diana Rose Aud, 81, of Lansing, IL, passed away June 13, 2024 ...

Obituary: Dorothy Hall

Dorothy Hall, age 66, of Matteson, IL, passed away Thursday, June 13, 2024...

Obituary: Richard J. Cislo

Obituary Richard Cislo of Lansing, IL, passed away on Sunday, April 28, 2024. Loving husband of the late Elaine Cislo; beloved son of ...

Obituary: Irene K. Saia

Irene K. Saia, nee Rzepczynski, age 93, of Crown Point, IN, formerly of South Holland, IL, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.


Illiana baseball goes for third consecutive state title Saturday

Illiana baseball can win in a lot of ways, as it's demonstrated in its latest playoff run...

Illiana Christian baseball wins 17th straight postseason game – other local scores

The two-time defending Class 2A state champion Vikings have won 17 straight postseason games dating back to 2022...

Special olympics swimmers gain health and confidence through Knights of Columbus team

The Knights of Columbus Special Olympics swim team is made up of around a dozen athletes of varying abilities and needs...

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