Physical reminders in a digital world

News keepsakes give you a way to celebrate your published milestones

So many of the stories we publish online really deserve to be hung on someone’s wall. Until now, we didn’t have a way to offer printed, frame-worthy copies of these articles.

Now we do.

The Lansing Journal is partnering with to make it easy for you to get a premium display copy of any of our online articles.

Hard to describe

Our most popular option, the Hardiplaque, is made of a premium UV laminate material. The textured surface softens glare and resists smudges. Your article is embossed directly onto the display in 200-year archival inks.

It’s hard to describe these custom pieces, and even photos don’t fully capture their unique presentation. They are not quite “framed copies” — there’s no glass and no separate frame. Each Hardiplaque order is custom embossed right onto a durable textured laminate material and edged with your choice of Matte Black, Satin Gold, Satin Silver, or Matte White. They come ready to hang in your home or office.

  • Hardiplaque prices range from $150–$350, not including shipping

Hard to order

Ordering a custom-printed keepsake is somewhat more involved than filling a shopping cart at Amazon. The size of the display piece is determined by the word count of the article. The production team sends a digital proof, and an online comment system allows for corrections and ultimately approval. Occasionally the team requests higher-resolution versions of the photos in order to ensure the final reproduction is crisp.

Handling the details (the white-glove treatment)

We recognize those difficulties, so we prefer to guide you through the order process to ensure you get the keepsake you deserve. Email [email protected] about the article you’re interested in. We can translate the word count into the correct size for your keepsake, figure out the shipping cost, and tell you what your order will total. With your approval, we’ll send you a secure payment link and then place your order.

Other Keepsakes options

The Hardiplaque is our most popular style of keepsake, but two other options are available.

Acrylic Plaque

The Acrylic Plaque comes with standoff hardware for gallery-quality mounting.

The Acrylic Plaque option is high-resolution archival UV printed directly onto quarter-inch acrylic, no sublimation. Diamond-polished edges complete the professional display of your article. Ships with mounting hardware, ready to display. The Acrylic Plaque works well in rooms where windows or other light sources won’t cast a glare on the polished acrylic surface.

  • Acrylic Plaque prices range from $250–$400, not including shipping

Archival Reprint

If you prefer to do the framing yourself, a high-resolution archival reprint will give you a printed product that is guaranteed not to yellow or wrinkle. Your article is printed on durable acid-free paper in 200-year archival inks that offer true color fidelity.Arrives in a durable shipping tube, ready for you to frame locally or store in your own archives.

  • Archival Reprint prices range from $100–$200

Reasons to order

Premium printed displays of your favorite articles are now available, and there are so many occasions that deserve to hang proudly in your home or office.

  • Articles about your business ribbon-cutting, anniversary celebration, or award-winning customer service
  • Articles about your child’s participation in the State Science Fair or baseball championship
  • Articles detailing the historic importance of a building in town or the name of the street you grew up on
  • Articles featuring a photo you submitted for our daily weather post or a Lansing Journal Journey
  • Articles about someone special you know, that you could keep for yourself or give as a gift

Order a keepsake copy! Contact us today for help starting the project and calculating the cost. We’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Email [email protected] to start the conversation.

Thank you

At The Lansing Journal we are grateful for your readership, and we hope these premium display keepsakes are another way to serve our community. In addition, every purchase through our News Keepsake store helps support the ongoing reporting The Lansing Journal provides for our community.

Thank you!