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Vintage shop Circa Furnishings brings ‘eclectic elegance’ to Ridge Road

LANSING, Ill. (April 11, 2024) – A ribbon cutting ceremony conducted April 3 opened Lansing to what Circa Furnishings owner Cody Green calls “eclectic elegance.”

Customers can find a variety of unique and stylish pieces at the store located at 3527 Ridge Road.

“I find really cool mid-century modern, vintage pieces,” Green said.

He restores and upholsters items when needed to bring them back to an original or even better condition to present them to the next generation.

“I also try to source art that will be reasonably priced so you don’t feel like you have to buy an oil painting to get that look,” Green said.

Circa Furnishings opened April 3 at 3527 Ridge Road. (Photo: Paul Czapkowicz)

Chairs, tables, lamps, and more

Green sources from a variety of places, including other dealers and Facebook Marketplace.

“I really like mid-century modern chairs,” Green said. “I’m really into chairs. I feel like there’s a lot of flair that goes into a chair and it can really set off a room. And it’s not a large piece like a sofa that has to take charge.”

The price range for chairs is a wide spectrum that can range from $600 for a single chair to $3500 for a pair.

Coffee tables, lamps, a dresser, and a dining room table are also among the current inventory.

“Hopefully it’s ever changing,” Green said.

A mixture of prints and paintings can also be found at the store.

Pictured are items for sale at Circa Furnishings, located at 3527 Ridge Road. (Photo: Paul Czapkowicz)

Background and name

Green used to rehab homes but decided to open the store when the space became available in the building owned by his wife, Lauren, and her sister.

When deciding what kind of store he wanted it to be, Green came to a realization.

“I feel like everyone needs and loves furniture,” he said.

He explained how the name of the store was chosen because “people usually use circa in reference to a time period.”

Owner Cody Green holds the giant scissors with assistance from his wife, Lauren, as Village President Patty Eidam holds the ribbon at the opening for Circa Furnishings. (Photo: Paul Czapkowicz)

Green hopes people will come check out what the store offers.

“I think if you like old, eclectic, cool stuff, I think that you will walk in and maybe fall in love with the different pieces and the art and how everything kind of cumulates together,” Green said.

Hours and info

The store hours are: Monday through Wednesday (appointment only), Thursday through Saturday (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Sunday (noon to 5 p.m.).

The store can be contacted at (708) 271-5867 or at [email protected].

Susan Thompson, executive director for the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce, said that in addition to the store being a new member of the chamber, Green has already earned a reputation for his work.

“From what I’ve heard, he’s very talented,” Thompson said.


Paul Czapkowicz
Paul Czapkowicz
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