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Lovin’ the Latte: Missy Krygsheld

Melanie Jongsma and Missy Krygsheld's early-morning walk brought them to Kdulche Cafe too early — the bistro wasn't yet open....

Lovin’ the Latte: Diane Lund

"I took the photo of just the Latte," said new Latte-lover Diane Lund. "Yum."

Lovin’ the Latte: Janice Schurman (and Dave)

"Forgot to take a picture till after it was gone," admitted Janice Schurman after enjoying a Lansing Journal Latte. (Photo: Dave Schurman)

The Lansing Journal journeys: Cheryl Graff in New York

Cheryl obtained a "Published Photographer" T-shirt and found a clever way to "join" the other published photographers in the White family.

The Lansing Journal journeys: Argentina

Submitted by Jane Compeau Jane Compeau and Chloe Sarkady brought The Lansing Journal all the way to South America — to Buenos Aires, Argentina.About The...

Lovin’ the Latte: Patti Jongsma

Patti Jongsma received her first Lansing Journal Latte as a Christmas gift along with lunch with her daughter. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Lovin’ the Latte: Common Ground

On MLK Day (January 15), members and friends of Lansing's Common Ground program met at Kdulche Cafe...

Lovin’ the Latte: Josh and Melanie

Josh and Melanie meet regularly on Tuesdays to touch base about Journal business. Tuesday, January 9, they held their meeting at Kdulche Café...

The Lansing Journal journeys: A Route 66 day trip

Members of the White family traveled Route 66 with The Lansing Journal, stopping at a few sites to document their day trip....

Lovin’ the Latte: Steve Mares and granddaughter Lisi

Steve Mares and his granddaughter Lisi enjoyed hot and iced Lansing Journal Lattes at Kdulche Cafe. (Photo: Ruth Mares)

Lovin’ the Latte: Valerie McDaniels

Valerie McDaniels stopped in at Kdulche Café for a Lansing Journal Latte in December and just now remembered to send us her photo....

The Lansing Journal journeys: New York State

"The Erie Canal in Fairport, New York," explained Cathy. (Photo: Cathy White)

The Lansing Journal journeys: Lights on King Arthur

"The Lansing Journal traveled to Lynwood’s 'Lights on King Arthur' with Aubrey Collachia," wrote Aubrey's grandmother, Cathy White....

The Lansing Journal journeys: Chicago City Council Chambers – and a special award

Ron and Cathy White brought The Lansing Journal along to witness their daughter receive an award at the Chicago City Council...

Lovin’ the Latte: Cathy White

Lansing resident Cathy White is Lovin' the Latte at Kdulche Café...