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The Lansing Journal journeys: Chicago City Council Chambers – and a special award


Submitted by Cathy White

Lansing residents Cathy and Ron White travelled to the Chicago City Council Chambers to witness their daughter, Chicago Fire Department Paramedic Lauren Collachia, receive an award from the City of Chicago. The pair brought The Lansing Journal along for the trip, as highlighted by their granddaughter Aubrey.

Lauren Collachia is a 2006 TF South graduate, as well as a former coach of Lansing Swim Organization.

Chicago Fire Department Paramedic Lauren Collachia (center) with Commissioner Nance-Holt (left) and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson presenting the “Special Honorable Mention” award. (Photo: Cathy White)
Aubrey Collachia in the Chicago City Council Chambers with The Lansing Journal. (Photo: Cathy White)
From left: Ron and Cathy White, Allie, Chris, Lauren, Adrienne, and Aubrey Collachia pose in front of the Chicago City Council Chamber. (Photo: Cathy White)
Lauren Collachia earned a Special Honorable Mention from the Chicago Fire Department. (Photo: Cathy White)

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