Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Local Voices

Local Voices is The Lansing Journal's version of “Letters to the Editor.” The opinions posted here are those of the writers, and posting them does not indicate endorsement by The Lansing Journal. We welcome input from fellow residents who have thoughtful things to say about topics that are important to our community. Submissions may be sent to [email protected] with “Voices” in the subject line.

Local Voices: Thankful for Lansing

"The Lansing that exists today inspires me and makes me feel proud that I came from there....

Local Voices: Car seats for Lester Crawl families

I want to give away carseats/booster seats starting with my own class, then move on to the rest of my school. Then, IF POSSIBLE, I'd like...

Local Voices: ‘Stroads’ and Being – Thoughts on shrinking Ridge Road in Munster

Submitted by Adam Barker Many Munster residents are grabbing their torches and pitchforks over the proposed change to shrink Ridge Road, from State Line Ave. to Calumet Ave., from four lanes to two (one in each direction, with a turn lane in the middle). Ridge Road is one of the main...

Local Voices: Our airport can advance economic development in Lansing

Submitted by Bob Malkas I think it would be beneficial for the people of Lansing to view my interview with Ric Bratton on his nationally syndicated podcast This Week in America. It is about my book, The Village of Lansing and its Airport: Past Present Future. I think it would...

Local Voices: Thank you, Autumn Fest Sponsors and Volunteers!

We would also like to thank and acknowledge our generous sponsors who continue to help us bring this fun event to Lansing:

Local Voices: Bethel Church cross display represents the deaths of unborn children

"Once again the Illiana Christian High School Girls soccer team came through for Bethel Church installing 1,600 Pro-Life crosses"

Local Voices: The unknown dangers of undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea

What are the long-term consequences of non-treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea also known as OSA?

Local Voices: Resident-organized block party returns to Madison Street – photos

We want to share our Block Party on Saturday, September 9, to encourage readers that this is a great way to get to know your neighbors!

Local Voices: A poem and statement for Mayor Patty and all of Lansing

Lansing's Poetic Transformation, submitted by Pastor Leon, Mount Zion UFL Center

Local Voices: The end of the trail, August 6

Our final night on trail was reminiscent of our first night on trail: cowboy camping with an amazing sunset, listening to “big rock candy mountain,” and covered in ants. I wouldn’t have it any other way....