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Local Voices: No longer proud to live in Lansing – we need help


Submitted by Kairis Stanton

Hi! I purchased my home here in Lansing in 2013 and within the last six or seven years, but especially now, this has become a place I want to sell my home and run from. There’s gunshots all the time. I live maybe half a mile east of the Walmart that was built. Had I known it was coming, I never would have bought my home here.

My taxes have more than doubled, and I almost can’t even afford it, and I have no mortgage! On top of that, this isn’t the quiet area where I feel comfortable letting my children out to play. I work from home and there are sirens day in and day out. Cars speeding down streets like the stop signs don’t exist, and not to mention that my home and cars have been violated recently.

My son was even randomly assaulted on his way home from school about six years ago, and the incident was recorded. We took it to the police who said there was nothing they could do. He was robbed at gunpoint across the street from our home in 2019!!!

These gas stations that are known places to buy drugs, the homelessness and pan handling in the middle of the streets, and outside major businesses is the worst I’ve ever seen here.

How do we get this turned around! I can’t afford to sell, and I honestly loved it here. But I and many I know don’t feel safe. Who do we talk to, and will they really even try to help?

Homes are being sold to people who are renting them out to tenants who aren’t invested in a community lifestyle. It’s scary, and it’s heartbreaking. I have twin 8-year-olds in school here, and the things I see just driving to drop them off at school first thing in the morning say to me there needs to be something done much sooner rather than later.

I’m so grateful for Freedom Church Ministries for planting roots in the community in order to service some of its needs, but they can’t do it alone. Where is our local government and law enforcement? Do they have or hear the concerns? This is not the place I was proud to say I lived when I bought my house. It may as well be a mini version of the things not working in the city of Chicago. Lansing needs help! Our leaders need to take a hard and no-nonsense stand against crime and cash-for-keys to every rental and home-buying situation as well.

I passed Lan-Oak Park at 5 p.m. on a weekday, and there was a group of at least 15 people, most half-naked women dancing on top of cars, yelling and cursing at people driving by. And our kids are in trouble too. Kids in groups larger than 10 and 15 people are pretending to fight and walking up to cars just for fun when the kids are out on breaks. These kids are in junior high! I’ve tried talking to them. Sometimes it works, but once they surrounded my car in an attempt to intimidate me. Again, junior high!!!

This is beyond what a single resident can do. There needs to be a unified initiative to end all of this and let it be known it is not tolerated here in Lansing. I don’t know what to do, but I know WE need help!

Kairis Stanton

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Local Voices
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  1. I live in Lansing as well. Pretty quiet in my area. I think you probably need to take footage of sum concerns that happen to the police. I know it’s very active around the walmart area, and now there building a restaurant on the same property. Maybe it gets better but I try staying out of that area because of its activities. Film footage usually helps but also very risky. Sometimes crying out to the local radio stations help. Try calling Wgci who used to support the local neighborhoods when troubles escalate.

  2. I love my neighbors in our condo building. We are a diverse group of 55+ residence.
    I love the summer Wednesday night music series at Fox Pointe.
    I like to see more businesses popping up on Torrance.

    I hate the Walmart, it is garbage!
    I hate ALL the liquor stores, thank you to the Village and the Patel Family, ugh!
    I hate the GOLO (or whatever it is called now) at 186th and Torrance. I accused the owner of not keeping it clean because their clientele is predominantly African-American. BTW, I go to Munster to by gas. I don’t feel that there is one safe and clean station anywhere in Lansing. Big THANKS to our Village.
    I hate all the litter on almost every major street. WTF!
    I hate the strip mall in front of the Walmart facing Torrance, trash and more trash NEVER picked up.

    ALSO, the village workers DO NOT represent the community as a whole. Village of Lansing HAS to work harder for the people.

  3. Start posting these events and people on social media… bring attention to the area… and state how no one is doing their jobs… get more residents to do it… the politicians will not want to be embarrassed… bring them the attention they don’t want… because people hate corrective criticism…

  4. I have family a little further east of there, my grandparents used to live there and I remember playing outside and at the park down the street. It was always a safe and quiet area

  5. I live on Torrence near Forest preserve in a condominium. I’ve endured verbal harassment, car spray painted and tires slashed. I was nearly assaulted by obvious addict hanging around stores. Cook County is so criminal friendly that I’m surprised our few police officers haven’t quit. I c

    • I had difficulty using phone to add the comment. I too cannot move because I only have social security that is $400 too much to qualify for assistance. Likewise, I’ve experienced huge increase in problems in that same time frame. I wanted to be more helpful. Sadly, I no longer shop for meet friends ifn Lansing, but go to Indiana. I adopted a tough looking dog so no one will approach me when walking (I was almost jumped earlier). The most concerning element is your child. It could be fear tactic to force your son into a gang. I saw that on the East Coast when I lived there. I know many school districts have contracts with online education companies to allow students to use and receive diplomas. I had friends that home schooled and had tutors from area colleges to help with math and science topics. Then they graduated and enrolled at local community colleges where they are tested. If there is a deficiency, then they are assigned to pre-college level courses before starting full college level work. More than half of graduating students in USA score lower than college entrance minimum on SATs. It’s better to join church or community activities than endure stress at school. If he’s being attacked while walking, imagine how awful school life must be.

  6. I do not disagree with a lot of the things you said. Many Memorial students are less than well behaved, they are disrespectful and mean. If there is no discipline and respect at home, what do we expect in public? Sadly, it’s not just junior high, it’s all schools and grades. I hope someone can find a way to turn it around because eventually it will be too late. Unfortunately, it truly is getting bad everywhere and many towns around us seem to deal with the same issues. With that said, I still truly LOVE Lansing. My family walks on summer nights, ride the bike trail, we attend events and feel safe. I’m proud that I grew up here and that my kids are growing up here!

  7. I think it’s important to be the change you want to see. A lot of things are out of our hands but this is why we need to put pressure on those who have the power to make a change (local officials). We can’t just let them keep sitting around collecting checks and not doing anything for our village. Go out and vote, attend village meetings to voice your concern, volunteer!! I work for a non-profit here in Lansing and we are working on a workforce development program, I believe it’s important to invest in the community and people so that they can better their circumstances and lower their risk of violence/homelessness/poverty.

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