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Local Voices: Save Munster arts!!!


Submitted by Cindy Siergey, Munster resident

Note: Lansing Journal subscriber Cindy Siergey sent this email to the Munster Town Council and wanted to share it with concerned Lansing residents as well. Contact information for the council members can be found at

Please don’t allow the loss of the Center for Visual and Performing Arts!!!

My husband and I moved to Munster 6 years ago to be close to our son and granddaughters who had moved here earlier. We were already familiar with the Theater at the Center, having made the trip from the north side of Chicago for every opening night. We have continued to attend performances, art exhibits, special programs, and private parties there on a regular basis. Our granddaughters have attended art classes at the Center that are not offered elsewhere. It is the cultural center of Munster.

Granted, there are other galleries and theaters and music venues in The Region, but none rise to the level of the exhibits and performances presented at the Center.

There must be another space in Munster for the offices of the School Town, but the value of the CVPA and Theater at the Center cannot easily be replaced.

We all realize that financial considerations are important in making big decisions, but financial challenges can be addressed in order to maintain and encourage the vital humanitarian aspects of art and culture in our society.

So, along with many of my friends and neighbors, I am very serious in requesting that you, as our representatives, do all you can to save the cultural heart of Munster at the CVPA. It would be a terrible loss to our community if it closed.

Cynthia Siergey

Local Voices
Local Voices
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  1. Wow! Not aware that this special, much loved venue is in jeopardy of closing. Will do what I can to help keep open.

  2. Save the arts building ! I have been to several things there . The town of Munster could build another building in another location to accomodate the administrtion of school administration !

  3. Please keep the CVPA as a performing arts venue. We need this as a community enrichment. Find another office building.

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