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Local Voices: The importance of assistive devices for fall prevention


Submitted by Dr. Mariya Vohra

An assistive device is a tool that can help improve as well as increase your independence for people with physical impairments — especially the senior population — and plays a major role in falls prevention.

Some of the examples include:

  • Grab bars inside/outside the shower, next to the toilet.
  • Raised toilet seat with armrests (they are usually adjustable).
  • Shower chair with and without back support.
  • Hand held shower.
  • Walk-in showers, which are very safe and convenient for our elderly/senior population compared to a traditional shower. They decrease the risk of falling while stepping inside/outside the shower.
  • Stairlifts for the elderly who live in split-level houses.
  • Walking devices including walkers or canes for better balance and support.
  • Adaptive equipment devices such as a reacher, shoe horn, or sock aide.
  • Wheelchair for mobility.

Talk to your physician if you have had any falls in the past and PREVENT more falls!
Consult your Physical therapist today for any of these recommendations!!

Your local Physical therapist,
Dr. Mariya Vohra

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  1. Keep in mind that many of these assistive devices for your ADLs – or Activities of Daily Living – can also be recommended by an Occupational Therapist. They can teach you many compensatory strategies with/without equipment to make your daily tasks easier and hopefully independently. Being able to live at home independently is probably the number one goal of the senior population.

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