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Local Voices: Don’t let our art community be toppled


Submitted by Jim Siergey, local artist

The news of the Munster School Board purchasing the Center for Visual and Performing Arts has alarmed all the artists and art aficionados in our little town.

Please don’t let our art community be toppled.

Art appreciation and awareness in all its various forms is much more important to society than another administrative building.

The Center is literally the cultural center of our area. Why replace the vivacity that takes place there with the dryness of an administrative building?

Please take this plea into consideration. Money is fleeting, art is forever.

Thank you.


Jim Siergey
Art appreciator, supporter, and artist

Local Voices
Local Voices
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  1. Save the Performing arts! So many jobs there and families that relay on this place for income. Please save it Munster!

  2. I totally agree! The Center has been and remains a jewel in our area.
    I have taken art classes there, bought unique and quality gifts from the gift shop, seen numbers of wonderful professional plays and musicals over the years. Local comedy shows have been events that we talked and laughed about over and over. Taking away a gathering place for the community is something that diminishes that community. At art shows I have met and talked with people who have driven an hour to attend.
    An administrative building can be created in many different locations. A place for community, enrichment, enjoyment that is known and accessible is hard to replace or replicate. The Arts need to be appreciated not thought of as something easily moved or replaced.

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