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Local Voices: How about disc golf at Bock Park?


Submitted by Terry Kapteyn

I work and live near the old Lan-Oak Pool site at 175th and Chicago, known as Bock Park. I also travel in the area and frequently drive past the disc golf course in Hammond along the expressway.

I think we have a golden opportunity to repurpose the old Bock Park parking lot and skateboard park into a beautiful destination for disc golf. There is a pavilion already there for people to gather at the start of the course. Trees and “rolling hills” could be added. The entire parking lot could be removed and the main course could be located there, eliminating the unused and not very green eyesore.

I emailed this idea to the Lan-Oak Park District, and I’m wondering if there is further community interest in disc golf at Bock Park.

Terry Kapteyn

Local Voices
Local Voices
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