Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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When local businesses choose to advertise in The Lansing Journal, we partner with them to communicate their message effectively and to measure the results of their advertising spend. Sponsored Content is one of the advertising options we offer. An article that is sponsored might be written by the sponsoring organization or written by Journal staff with input from the sponsoring organization. It is usually a hybrid of news and advertising:
(1) There is a marketing benefit to the sponsoring organization.
(2) There is a news benefit to people who read the article.
(3) The sponsoring organization has the right to review and approve the article before it is published.
(4) The information presented is accurate and reliable.
Sponsored Content is clearly labeled because we want to be transparent about the hybrid nature of such articles. To purchase Sponsored Content for your organization, contact The Lansing Journal’s sales team: [email protected]ournal.com.