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Bar soap more effective against virus, says Oregon Soap Shoppe


Oregon, Ill. (December 4, 2020) – Lynnel Olson describes a conversation she had with a customer who came in to her Oregon Soap Shoppe in Oregon, Illinois. As he was perusing the hundreds of hand-crafted soaps available, she launched into her regular explanation about how only bar soap— “real soap” —is truly effective at fighting COVID-19 and other viruses. A virus is wrapped in a lipid shell, she explained, and bar soap contains oils and fats that dissolve that lipid shell. Liquid soaps are not made with fats. And hand sanitizers with alcohol damage only the proteins surrounding the lipid shell, not the shell itself. “Real soap is known to break the virus,” she said.

The man listened and then told her, “I know. I’m a chemist. That’s why I started buying soap from you several years ago!”

Oregon Soap Shoppe
Wake Up is a soap that “makes you feel like your brain is getting a breath of fresh air,” says the Oregon Soap Shoppe website. (Photo provided)

Hand crafted and essential

Lynnel and Michael Olson, owners of Oregon Soap Shoppe (91c South Daysville Road, Oregon, Illinois) describe their product as “affordable luxury soaps.” For 31 years they have hand stirred, hand poured, hand swirled, hand cut, and hand wrapped bars of soap that are composed of natural ingredients. The handmade labels sport descriptive names like Lavender Bergamot, Chocolate Patchouli, and Eucalyptus Spearmint, as well as fun names like Manly Yes, Study Soap, and Mad About Saffron. The Oregon Soap Shoppe website allows soap shoppers to search for job-specific soaps (such as Degreaser for mechanics or Sports Blend for athletes), fragrances (fruity, floral, spicy, earthly, and more), or soaps for specific skin types (mature, oily, sensitive, dry, etc.).

The unique effectiveness of the soaps they create makes Oregon Soap Shoppe an essential business, and the Olsons are working hard to fulfill orders. “We put our attention, effort, money, and time into our products,” says Lynnel. These days they also include a flyer with each order that explains why their soaps work and encourages people not to rely on the “false security” that alcohol-based hand sanitizers offer.

Other benefits

Using bar soap made from natural ingredients offers other benefits as well. Many customers find they no longer need separate products for shampoo or shaving cream, and the need for skin lotion is reduced. The soaps also serve as room fresheners and make practical yet distinctive gifts for special occasions.

The brick-and-mortar store is located in Oregon, Illinois, about two hours west of Lansing. Orders can also be placed online at And Lynnel and Michael are available to answer questions and make recommendations.

  • Oregon Soap Shoppe
    91C South Daysville Road
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  1. Plus the added bonus of not having plastic waste from dispensers ! I switched back to bar soaps last year!

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