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Caleb Lyzenga earns 2022 Top Producing Lansing Realtor status


MLS ranks Lyzenga #1 in Lansing for 2022

LANSING, Ill. (January 19, 2023) – For two years in a row, Caleb Lyzenga’s investment in his hometown has been recognized in the broader real estate industry. Lyzenga achieved Top Producing Lansing Realtor status because of the number of clients he helped buy and sell in Lansing throughout 2022. He sold 34 homes — a total of $6,758,150 in sales — in addition to the 40 homes and $7,194,100 in production he closed in Lansing the year prior.

Getting houses ready

“I take pride in my listings,” says Lyzenga. “I want to ensure my clients’ homes are properly displayed for potential buyers to see.”

One of the ways he does that is by strategically walking through a client’s home suggesting small updates or changes. “Sometimes all that’s needed is a deep clean or decluttering,” he says. “’Less is more’ is what I tell people.” For more involved updates, Lyzenga refers to his vast list of recommended vendors, which includes professional cleaners and various tradespeople. That knowledge and those connections are key to helping sellers maximize their profit.

“I strive to be Lansing’s go-to realtor!” says Lyzenga. While he is a full-time Indiana and Illinois realtor, he says his heart is in Lansing.

Investing and updating

He grew up in the community, joining First Church PCA, attending Lansing schools, and working in his father’s Lansing-based remodeling business, Lyzenga Construction. That construction experience serves him well in an increasingly competitive real estate industry, as he is able to buy old houses and give them the updates they need to serve new families well.

“It’s a way to reinvest in the community that I love,” he says.

Lyzenga recognizes the potential Lansing’s older homes represent. He has worked with his dad and brothers to move walls, open up floor plans, or change the flow of a living space to serve new needs and preferences.

Caleb Lyzenga
Caleb Lyzenga stands in the new dormer he is adding to a house on Maple Street. He purchased the house in order to remodel it — enlarging the living area, adding a fireplace, and changing the flow of the layout in order to update it for a new family to call home. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
Caleb Lyzenga
Caleb often works with his brothers on large remodeling projects. From left: Luke, Daniel, Caleb, and Isaac Lyzenga work on adding a dormer bedroom to a house on Maple Street. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
“We pretty much gutted the house,” says Caleb, recognizing that today’s families use living space differently than Lansing’s early generations did. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Those expert changes end up being important not only for the seller, but also for the community. When Lansing’s historic neighborhoods are given the care and investment they need, houses can command the prices they deserve. And the new families moving in are in a position to immediately enjoy their new homes as well as explore the neighborhood, parks, schools, and businesses in town.

Care and quality

“Lansing is such a unique place to call home, and there is so much to offer,” says Lyzenga, who still lives in Lansing and feels a level of protectiveness about his town.

Whether representing buyers or sellers, investing sweat equity in residential properties, or connecting with clients to learn their history, Lyzenga “absolutely loves” all things real estate. He loves providing quality homes for people to enjoy for years to come.

Caleb Lyzenga

“I want to change people’s perceptions of what homeownership can look like, whether they decide to purchase a new home or remodel their existing home. No matter what services I’m providing people, I see it as an investment. I see myself as an investor who produces quality work because I care about the people I’m working for and the community I’m working in.”

Contact Caleb Lyzenga

Caleb Lyzenga works with a team at eXp Realty in order to serve his clients even better. He can be reached directly at:



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