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Top Lansing realtor Caleb Lyzenga says investing in updates pays off


MLS ranks Lyzenga #1 in Lansing again for 2023

LANSING, Ill. (January 25, 2024) – Caleb Lyzenga says he’s a full-time realtor first, and the remodeling projects he does in his spare time are a hobby. But his spare-time hobby has had an impact on his full-time job.

That construction experience may be a factor in his MLS ranking as Lansing’s top realtor for 2023. Lyzenga had nearly double the number of Lansing closings as the second-ranked realtor.

Hometown trust

He attributes his success to the people he gets to work with, whether they are buying or selling. “I am really thankful to my clients,” he says. “Choosing a REALTOR® is a big decision that you make just once or twice in a lifetime. So when people place their trust in me and hope for a good outcome, that means a lot to me. I take that seriously.”

It helps that Lyzenga is a lifelong Lansing resident who feels both proud and protective of his community. The remodeling projects he does in his spare time are all designed to improve living spaces not only aesthetically, but also functionally.

A house on Maple Street is one example. An older house in an older neighborhood, Lyzenga purchased it for the purpose of updating it. He enlarged the living area, added a fireplace, and improved the flow of the layout.

The updated exterior of the house reflects the changes inside and helped attract interest.

Despite its solid construction and quiet neighborhood, this older house on Maple Street was unlikely to attract younger buyers until Caleb Lyzenga invested time and money into remodeling it. (Photo: Caleb Lyzenga)
The updated exterior is not only visually attractive, it also provides easier access to the front door and a more open porch for socializing with neighbors. The dormer on the right adds a second-level bedroom while keeping a balanced, compact look to the house. (Photo: Caleb Lyzenga)

“It sold in one day,” said Lyzenga.

Faster sales at higher prices

Lyzenga knows from experience that investing in a house results in a higher sales price. Not only do the updates improve the product, but they also signal to potential buyers that a house has been cared for by its current owner.

Sometimes remodeling a home can open the eyes of surrounding homeowners to new possibilities. When Lyzenga redesigned a condo unit on 186th Street, he held an open house for other owners in the building. “They all wanted to hire me to do theirs next!” he laughed.

This condo was built in the 1970s and not updated since then. (Photo: Caleb Lyzenga)
Lyzenga replaced the 70s-style chandelier and removed the spindles and walls that had enclosed the kitchen, opening up the space and giving it a fresh feeling. An open house for the condo neighbors showed them possibilities for their own units. (Photo: Caleb Lyzenga)

Updates don’t have to be as extensive as a full remodel to have an impact. A thorough cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, and regular decluttering can all send a message that a home has been loved. For sellers who aren’t able to take even those steps, Lyzenga has a vast list of professional cleaners, painters, and other tradespeople he can recommend.

Lansing’s go-to realtor

“I love working in Lansing,” says Lyzenga. “It’s my hometown, and I love it.”

He loves the historic neighborhoods and the recent business developments, the sprawling houses and the convenient condos, the fellowship that happens on porches and balconies.

Whether representing a buyer or a seller, Lyzenga is willing to invest the best of himself into the relationship. “I care about the people I’m working for and the community I’m working in,” he explains. Lyzenga loves matching people with just the right home, whatever their stage of life is.

“I want people to know that,” he says. “I want to be Lansing’s go-to realtor.”

Caleb Lyzenga
Caleb Lyzenga shows off a newly updated condo kitchen. (Photo provided)

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Caleb Lyzenga works with a team at eXp Realty, a global company working to transform the real estate experience through innovation and technology.

He finds that eXp’s global reach and technological efficiency help him make personal connections at the small-town level.

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