Local Voices: COVID and testing — there’s got to be a better way


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Judy, Lansing resident

I just watched your video on COVID testing and thought I would share my experience.

First, my only symptoms on Monday night were a 101 fever and feeling totally zapped. For 15 minutes. The whole business came on and passed quickly.

But I knew I had been exposed at work, so I decided I should be tested. I was online for two days trying to find a place near me where I could get an appointment for a rapid test during non-business hours. In the meantime, I was feeling fine.

My appointment was at Covid Express Care, just west of State Street on Route 6. By mistake, I first ended up at South Suburban College, and the line was so long I thought it had to take ALL DAY to get through the line! I was also surprised that Melanie had good luck at Walgreens — I got absolutely nowhere with them. Everything I pulled up said “no testing available.”

The hardest part at Covid Express Care was checking in. I had to scan the code on the wall with my phone, which would bring up a screen to check in. Nobody’s phones were picking up the code, and some people had to use the tester’s phone. Other than that, I was in and out in a jiffy. Within a half hour I had a text stating that my test was NEGATIVE.

This was my fourth test, all negative. There’s got to be a better way.

For some people, their employers give the impression that getting the work done is more important than keeping safe. That makes it difficult for people who have legitimate health worries and want to be more careful. It’s not helpful when we don’t respect each other’s situations.

It’s nothing short of a miracle that neither my husband nor I have gotten it. People all around us are testing positive every day.

Just sharing my 2 cents.

Judy, Lansing resident

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  1. Covid has been bad enough for everybody ! I still say it is Chemical war fare from China and some other country. What next ? Anytime their is any threat at the US should do away wth them ! Last I heard you can get tested at any hospital and normaly a fast process ! have been tested sixteen times since last June. One wth a volunteer drive thruogh at Communuty Hospital Musnter , Indiana.

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