Local Voices (Letters to the Editor) policy

The Lansing Journal is a community newspaper, and we enjoy having a variety of voices on our pages. Our Local Voices feature, comparable to “Letters to the Editor,” provides a forum for community members to express their opinions and observations. Submissions should be emailed to [email protected] with Local Voices in the subject line.

When we publish a Local Voices piece, we include the writer’s name and sometimes a relevant identifier such as “Former Lansing resident,” or “Family Nurse Practitioner,” but contact information is not included. We typically don’t publish pieces whose sole purpose is to promote a for-profit product or service. (View our Advertising page for effective, fairly priced ad options that can help support your business as well as ours.)

We welcome a wide variety of opinions on local matters, as long as they are expressed respectfully and thoughtfully. Foul language will not be published. Personal attacks will not be published.

The Lansing Journal reserves the right — but undertakes no duty — to edit submissions for clarity, grammar, and accuracy without notice. We reserve the right to not publish any submission that doesn’t follow our general guidelines for respectful discourse. Readers who submit Local Voices — and readers who might choose to comment on a submission — are asked to refer to our Comment policy.

Local Voices express the opinion of the writer, not necessarily the opinion of Lansing Journal staff.

Questions about any of these policies may be directed to Melanie Jongsma, Publisher: