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Verizon cell tower agreement changes, proclamations for fallen heroes and child abuse prevention – a Village Board summary

LANSING, Ill. (April 3, 2024) – The Lansing Village Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, April 2 to discuss and vote on village business, including a change to Verizon’s cell tower agreement, and two proclamations, one regarding Lansing Fallen Heroes Day and the other regarding Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Verizon cell tower agreement changes

During the Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday night, Village Administrator Dan Podgorski presented the Board of Trustees with a potential change to the village’s agreement with Verizon.

Verizon has a contract with the Village of Lansing to use the water towers located at 19300 Burnham Avenue and 18249 Chicago Avenue to place their equipment to provide cellular service to its customers. The company is starting to move away from large “macro” sites — such as water towers — and turning to smaller “micro” sites — such as utility and light poles — Podgorski said.

Village Administrator Dan Podgorski speaks during the April 2, 2024, Village Board meeting. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

Despite the change in priority for Verizon, Podgorski said the company still sees long-term value in having their equipment on Lansing’s water towers, and it proposed a re-negotiation of terms.

The new terms would see Verizon’s commitment extended an additional 25 years, to 2064 (Burnham site) and 2065 (Chicago site). The monthly amount the village would receive for each site combined would be reduced from $5,420 to $4,610.

“The thought was, do you roll the dice for an extra $10,000 a year when they could come along and say, ‘You know what, we’re going to take our equipment down and go somewhere else’?” Podgorski said. “My recommendation is to accept these terms. It’s a little bit of a haircut, but we get a longer term commitment from them.”

The Board of Trustees will vote to approve the revised agreement at a future meeting.

Proclamations — Lansing Fallen Heroes Memorial Day and Child Abuse Prevention Month

Mayor Patty Eidam made two proclamations at the Village Board meeting, one regarding Lansing Fallen Heroes Memorial Day and the other regarding Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Lansing Fallen Heroes Memorial Day

Mayor Eidam’s proclamation called to mind the deaths of Lansing Police Officer Kenneth Novak, Jr. on April 8, 1992, and Lansing native Marine Lance Corporal Philip J. Martini on April 8, 2006.

“I, Patricia L. Eidam, Mayor of Lansing, Illinois do hereby proclaim April 8, 2024, as Lansing Fallen Heroes Memorial Day and call upon all citizens to recognize and remember the sacrifices of Office Kenneth Novak, Jr. and Lance Corporal Philip J. Martini, and all those who lost their lives in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Lansing and of our country,” Eidam said.

More about the two men’s service can be read below:

Child Abuse Prevention Month

Mayor Eidam said, “Every child deserves to grow up in a nurturing environment free from abuse, neglect, violence, or endangerment of any kind.”

“All citizens should be aware of the serious problem of child abuse, and how to prevent it. And every community should be involved in efforts that support parents in raising their children in a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment,” she said.

“I, Patricia L. Eidam do hereby proclaim April 2024 as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Lansing, Illinois, and encourage all citizens to support child abuse prevention programs and to report suspected cases of abuse to the child abuse hotline,” she said.

Ridge and Bernice Road resurfacing

Ridge Road will be resurfaced this summer, with preliminary work beginning as soon as mid-April, said Steve Kaminsky, Project Engineer with Robinson Engineering.

The project will span three to four months, through the heart of summer in Lansing. The road will still be accessible for travel during resurfacing, though street parking — including in Lansing’s downtown area — will be prohibited.

Bernice Road will also be resurfaced this summer.

The Lansing Journal is currently seeking more information on these resurfacing projects. Subscribers receive the verified information directly in their inboxes.

Other notables

  • Podgorski said the Village has received $850,000 in Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity grant money for a full water main and sewer replacement at 192nd Place and 193rd Street. The project, which includes street reconstruction, has already been completed, and the grant will act as a reimbursement, Podgorski said.
  • Trustees voted unanimously to approve a special use massage license for The Cave, a new wellness spa at 16915 Torrence Avenue.
  • Mayor Eidam endorsed reappointments for Sharon Novak and Gina Aguilar to the Lansing Police Pension Board. Trustees will vote to approve the reappointments at a future meeting.

Learn more

Village Board meetings typically occur at 6 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of the month in the Village Courtroom, located at 2710 170th Street. Contact information for Village officials is available at

First-time participants in Village Board meetings may find The Lansing Journal’s video guide helpful:


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Josh Bootsma
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