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Local Voices: Protecting the Ford Hangar


Submitted by Darlene Kadar

I attended the Village Board meeting on February 6th, 2024, where a request was made for a liquor license to be granted for the historic Ford Hangar.

Immediately a thought came to me, knowing what the Ford Hangar has and does not have.

Ken Reynolds stated a case for the reasons why the license is needed for the future of the Ford Hangar. There was no discussion to question if the Ford Hangar has a sufficient water supply or serviceable bathrooms. No heating or air conditioning exist. If a liquor license is granted, how much will it cost the Village to have a water line installed able to service a wet bar for a publicly funded airport? Designated storage room to store liquor and other supplies in a 100-year-old building will have to be taken into consideration, and who knows what else would be needed? The proposal was presented, and no questions were asked about what other cost would be required.

It should be remembered the Village has already been authorized by the FAA to develop the hangar into an aviation/military-based museum. This possibility is not a new idea; it was first discussed in public 37 years ago. If implemented today it could justify the cost of the transition, and make it a new and wonderful asset for the Village. The possibilities are endless and would complement what is happening at Fox Pointe. Lansing would have a second tourist destination that would be unique and fit well with existing plans to develop the Lansing Municipal Airport and other projects that are pending for the region. The museum would be a great backdrop to generate interest for those who want something different as they plan their events. A new source of revenue would be created for the airport and all the businesses in the Village.

The Ford Hangar is registered as a national historic place, and everything possible should be done to keep it that way. The Illinois Historical Preservation Society should be consulted in future planning as long as the Hangar remains part as per the official Airport Layout Plan. The revenues generated from events held at the hangar should go directly for operating the airport and restoring the Ford Hangar.

I hope there will be more discussion before a vote is taken.

Darlene Kadar

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  1. Having attended a couple functions at the Ford Hanger, my first thought was also about the washroom facilities and heat. I think Lansing “powers” like anything having to do with liquor. Liquor brings in money.

    • Once this door is opened, slot machines can’t be far behind. If they were proactive in preserving historical designation of the hanger, they wouldn’t be asking for what almost every non-fast food restaurant has in town….a shot and a pull. This is not a good look.

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