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Local Voices: Tiffany Henyard is trying to fool us


Submitted by Paul Robertz

Many people have discovered by now what Tiffany Henyard’s “$1 Million Giveaway Honoring Black History Month” actually is. It has nothing to do with her or with Black History Month, but you wouldn’t know this based on how Supervisor Henyard is presenting it.

She had a Facebook Live session on her personal Facebook page Friday night. It was supposed to start at 5:00 PM but actually started at 5:40 and lasted until almost 7:00.

Most of that time was spent repeating what I heard last Wednesday at the Township Talk. Henyard compared herself to Rosa Parks and to Jesus again, and did not answer any of the tough questions — like property tax relief — that kept appearing in the comments (which she and her assistants could see).

When she did bring in a township bureaucrat to explain the Million Dollar giveaway, they explained that it would be limited to Thornton Township residents making between $20K and $60K per year who are at least two months behind in either mortgage payments or rent payments. The rent or mortgage relief is limited to $3,000 per household, and it will not be given to anyone already in foreclosure proceedings or served with an eviction notice.

What they did not say during the Facebook Live event was that the Illinois Housing Development Authority gives this money to townships every year specifically for mortgage relief and rent relief. Henyard did not mention that townships are required to distribute this money each year for this purpose. She did not mention that Frank Zuccarelli distributed this money quietly each year, with the requirements and application process posted on the Thornton Township website. No, Supervisor Henyard wants Thornton Township to believe that she is personally responsible for this “giveaway” of $1 million. She wants the credit for a program that existed long before she became Thornton Township Supervisor, a program that is funded by taxpayer dollars.

I watched the comments scrolling by during Supervisor Henyard’s Facebook Live on Friday. Most that I saw were people asking if Henyard could fix their sidewalk, pave their street, or do something about the Dolton police. Lots of people offered their love and support, including some looking for employment at the Township. A few people commented that her relief program punishes those who were responsible enough to pay their mortgage or rent on time. She did not address those questions and concerns.

I plan to go to township headquarters Monday to pick up a rent relief application. I will also try to speak to Thornton Township Assessor Cassandra Elston and Finance Director Robert Hunt. I will let you know if either answers any of the seven questions you and Josh asked in your recent video.

Paul Robertz, concerned Lansing resident


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  1. Tiffany Henyard has to go ! She is kinda a cute but typical ! SHe is a very crooked politicisn ! She i not only bad for Dolton, the Towjship, but makes Illinois look bad also !

  2. I recently saw the comments from Paul Robertz from Lansing regarding Tiffany Henyards “million dollar giveaway”. Thank-you Mr Robertz for mentioning that Frank Zuccarelli distributed the monies that Ms Henyard was trying to take credit for. For shame. I saw a recent video where she stated that “Martin Luther King had a dream but she was the dream”. More like a nightmare. She is a fool now known all across these United States. And the criticism is not because she is a woman nor does it have anything to do with the color of her skin. Frank never saw color. He helped and loved all equally. She is all about self promotion. I hope that the next Township Supervisor and Dolton Mayor will do better. They couldn’t do much worse.

    • Thank you so much for stating what many of us are thinking. I have been in Thornton Township for 40 years and have never been ashamed and embarrassed of our Township until now.

  3. The village of Dolton is so corrupt! They cashed my fathers check that was written out to the treasury and they gave my father $1,500 credit. He is a senior and they took advantage of him. Did not call about receiving it, deposited it in their bank which wasn’t written out to them and cashed it. Lawsuit coming

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  5. Thank you, Paul, for that clarification! This woman needs to be removed from office. We cannot afford to have her as Township Supervisor for another year. I agree that she is an embarrassment.

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