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Local Voices: ‘RE’ Time – Review, Reflect, and Reset


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Janice Newman, Life Coach

Submitted by Janice Newman

Christmas is out of the way, and the New Year is fast approaching. Typically, during this last week of the year it’s bittersweet because we’re saying goodbye to 2023 and to what we experience and know, to venture out into the unknown of 2024, a new season of our lives. December 31st, we say “Sayonara” (Japanese word for goodbye) to 2023, and on January 1st we start to make the hopeful “New Year’s Resolutions.” Unfortunately, for most, in a few weeks, we lose enthusiasm for the resolutions, and they fade to oblivion. To avoid them disappearing, we are going to work on several “RE” time words to help.

Working on “RE” word activities is a good method for developing different aspects of your life to create a better you and discover the motivation to make the necessary changes. “RE” is a prefix that means again or anew. The activities will instruct us on how to look at something again or make it anew to prepare us for the future. The “RE” Time activity this month is to Review, Reflect, and Reset.

First, it’s necessary to REVIEW the past year. When you review the past, don’t relive your life or the emotional experience with it. Looking back is for recon only. Review to take notes and inventory of 2023. Write down your progress in reaching your goals. Review your finances with debts, retirement plans, and budget. Review events and status in your relationships, employment, career, health, education, and spiritual life. Write down the where, who, what, and when of each aspect of your life. This provides clarity on your current situation. Also, note your achievements: big and small. This allows you to celebrate your accomplishments.

The second is now to REFLECT on the past year. Dive into the why and how of events, reflecting on the reasons behind goal attainment or shortfall, and what can we learn from this year. By examining the past, you gain valuable insights for self-reflection and personal growth, helping you identify patterns that contributed to success or hindered progress. Address areas that need improvement. It’s crucial to be objective and honest with yourself without self-condemnation, recognizing that imperfections and setbacks are part of everyone’s journey. Don’t be critical of yourself if it wasn’t a spectacular year or you need to make vast improvements to engage change. No one is perfect, and mistakes or setbacks truly happen to everyone.

The third is to RESET to start the new year. Utilize the information from reviewing and reflecting to learn lessons from the past, formulate new strategies for overcoming obstacles, and develop motivation to achieve better results. How can you improve your life to create a better version of yourself? Let these new strategies inspire positive changes, to move you towards a more fulfilling amazing life. Next, reset back to Day 1 by renewing your mind, restoring your heart, and re-engaging with an expected positive attitude by leaving 2023 behind in our memories.

Lastly, give praise, and thanksgiving, and express gratitude to the Lord for the gift of life as you embark on a new year. Despite the ups and downs of the past year, anticipate the revealing of God’s plans for you in 2024. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) reminds us of God’s word, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” As you plan for next year, seek guidance from God, and be receptive to His plans for you, then be quiet, listen, and follow the instructions. May the new year bring forth an abundance of opportunities for growth, fulfillment, and success. Y? Why Not!

Janice Newman
Life Coach

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