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Local Voices: Searching for my missing daughter


Submitted by Carol Schaap, mother of Kristen Lynn Schaap

UPDATE: We received this additional information from Carol Schaap this morning — “Melanie – there is an update already. I’ll be posting later this (Wednesday) morning. The investigator called me to let us know that the case has been closed because the Manhattan Beach CA police made contact with her on Dec. 2. They sent her by a private ambulance to one of 3 hospitals to be evaluated. We called the hospitals and all they will tell us is that she is not a patient. There has been an incredible amount of love, help, and prayers offered.” Carol asked about not running this Local Voices piece, but it had already been published and delivered. Carol has written an update that she plans to post on Facebook once her family checks it over, and we will work with her to share that information as well. On behalf of the family, thank you for reading, praying, and reaching out.

missing - Kristen Lynn Schaap
Kristen Lynn Schaap (Click this image to view Carol’s post on Facebook.)

Our family has been facing a very difficult time for the last eight weeks. Some of our friends are aware; others may not know.

Our 33-year-old daughter, Kristen, has been struggling over the past two years with mental illness. She was in a group home for sober living in Santa Ana, California, and prior to that she was in a dual-diagnosis home (for both mental illness and sober living), a program which she graduated from in November 2022.

Towards the end of September 2023, her mental illness struggles were seeping in again, and shortly thereafter she left the Villa (her sober living home) on October 1st, and she did not return. She was last seen by a passerby in early November, and we are now aware (after working with the local California police) that she does not have her car or a cell phone at this time. She is mentally ill, and she is considered a missing adult.

We have not heard from her since October. Our prayers were that she would contact our landline (a number we have had for decades) on Thanksgiving, but we have not heard from her. She is on a nationwide missing persons list, and the local police have been very helpful (along with the police in the last California cities she was in). We are especially grateful for Detective Joe Pomilia from the Lansing Police Department, who put days of work into the case and pushed the CA police to assign an investigator.

We are reaching out to family, friends, and acquaintances through Facebook and The Lansing Journal to make you aware and to ask for your help in sharing this. We are especially looking for any kind of reach into the Lost Angeles area.

We will be flying out there soon to search for her and to hand out and post flyers — even though we have had some experts tell us that actually flying out there won’t help as much as social media connections.

Please keep Kristen and our family in your prayers. And if you know of any way you could be of assistance, we would appreciate all you are able to do. Thank you so much for your prayers

Carol Meyer Schaap (link to Carol’s Facebook profile)

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Kristen Lynn Schaap
(Image from Carol’s post on Facebook)
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