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Local Voices: Car seats for Lester Crawl families


Submitted by Lynda Torres

Note: Lynda Torres organized her first car seat donation for Lester Crawl families in 2021, as reported by Josh Bootsma: Longtime Lester Crawl teacher organizes car seat donation for families

Well, I’ve decided to do it again. It’s YEAR 3, and I NEED HELP!

I want to give away car seats / booster seats starting with my own class, then move on to the rest of my school. Then, IF POSSIBLE, I’d like to help someone beyond my school, perhaps add a class at another school or help a new foster family.

I want to see this grow! Can you help?

I put together an Amazon wish list. If you purchase from the list please include a note to say who you are, otherwise I don’t know who to thank!

Car seats do NOT HAVE to be purchased from the wish list. They can be purchased anywhere you like to shop. The wish list just gives people an idea and is for convenience as well.

Thanks again!

Lynda Torres, Preschool Teacher
Lester Crawl Primary Center

Car Seats / Booster Seats for Students, available on Amazon

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