Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Local Voices: Open letter to a fellow park user


Submitted by Dave Franklin

I am disgusted and angry. I arrived at Copper Muggers Park just as a group of children was leaving with one adult, and found a huge mess and damage to one of the young trees. Sir, what were you doing while the kids were running amok destroying property?

(Photo: David Franklin, July 26, 2023)

I picked up the litter you left behind, but couldn’t repair the tree, which will probably die from its injuries. I was at that park a few hours earlier, and everything was fine. Then you arrived like a destructive plague.

Notice the stripped bark on the tree and the broken off branches on the ground. Please have more respect for yourself and the world around you — something you should be teaching those children who were with you.

I just want people to realize that everyone should take of our resources. Vandalism has a lasting effect.

Dave Franklin

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