Shout-out to Gayety’s


Local Voices

Barbara Raczak

I would like to give a shout-out to Gayety’s Chocolates & Ice Cream Shop at 3306 Ridge Road in Lansing.

I have lived in Lansing for 48 years. Our daughter, who was raised in Lansing and now lives in the Netherlands, ordered Valentine’s Day candy from Gayety’s for us and her two aunts. It was to be delivered, but unfortunately our box of candy was delivered to the wrong address.

We notified Gayety’s that we did not receive ours. The people from Gayety’s hand-delivered a new box to our home immediately.

As my husband and I ate a couple pieces of the delicious candy, it brought back so many happy memories for me. I grew up on the East Side in Chicago. My father grew up in what was known as “Slag Valley,” an area part of South Chicago. So whenever we went to visit my dad’s parents, we always managed to make a stop at Gayety’s in South Chicago on Commercial Avenue (their original shop). My dad and brother always ordered their milk shake, and my mom and I loved their “Gayety’s Special” sundae.

I also always remember having a three- or five-pound box of their chocolates on the coffee table during the Christmas season. The chocolates are as good as always.

Whenever my daughter and her family come to Lansing for a visit (which is usually twice a year), we try to make a stop at Gayety’s so Grandma (that’s me now) can enjoy the Gayety’s Special and share it with my granddaughters.

So glad Gayety’s is still in business. If you haven’t been there before or haven’t been there for a while, do so soon. Everything is still great.

Barbara Raczak

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