Hundreds and hundreds of dollars ahead

Molenaar Eyecare has been located at 3546 Ridge Road for three generations. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Lansing Voices

Dr. Wes Molenaar

My father began practicing optometry in 1934, I joined the practice in 1964, and my son joined in 1994, so we are 3 generations at the same address (3546 Ridge Road) providing for the eye care needs of Lansing. I was born and raised in Lansing and am glad to be a part the Lansing business community.

I used to go over to the [original] Lansing Journal late at night when the presses were running, and I would work on bundling and stacking the finished editions as they came off the big presses. It was a cool job to have as a high schooler. I lived just a block away on Ridge Road where we still have our optometry office.

We have missed The Lansing Journal print newspaper for a long time and are really glad to see this new email version that Melanie has established to fill the void. I subscribe to The Lansing Journal email because I am very much interested in local Lansing news and events, things our patients might be involved with here in Lansing that we might otherwise not be aware of.

I would recommend everyone subscribe to The Lansing Journal email.

I quit my subscription to The Times a few months ago due to ongoing problems with delivery over the past 5 years. The only reason we subscribed was to not miss death notices of any of our patients, but now we can get this on the internet very easily.

I do miss reading Blondie & Dagwood cartoons among others, plus I miss the Monday and Tuesday crossword puzzle. Other than that, I’m hundreds and hundreds of dollars ahead not having to pay the high cost of The Times subscription for an ever-shrinking daily rag with virtually no Lansing news.

You are doing a great service to the Lansing Community!! Keep up the good work.

Maybe you could get an e-version of crossword puzzles! lol

Dr. Wes Molenaar
Lansing, Illinois

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