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Thoughtful comments submitted by Ronald Kingsbury

My name is Ronald Kingsbury. I am 82 years old and lived in Lansing from 1940 to 1953. I attended Calvin Coolidge Grade School, Memorial Junior High School, and the Thornton Fractional High School that was in Calumet City. Growing up in Lansing during those years was great.

We lived on Ridge Road while they were building the theater, and we lived on 176th Street when they first started building the super highway that started east at Wentworth Avenue. We used to fish and swim in the old clayhole.

We also lived on Sherman Avenue right behind the old lumber yard. When we had a date, we would go out to what we called “the sweetwoods,” also called the Thornton Woods.

I was hit by a car while playing baseball right in front of our house on Sherman, and back then that was put in the Lansing Journal! My best friend Wayne Schultz and I used to deliver the Hammond Times around the area. We worked for Mr. Dockweiler whose office was behind the drug store on Ridge Road.

I could go on forever about Lansing, but I will close for now.

Ronald Kingsbury,
formerly of Lansing, Illinois

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