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‘What I did on my summer vacation’

We asked you to show us—and you did!

Thanks to all of you who submitted photos showing the variety of summer vacation activities you enjoyed. (And special thanks to those of you who took The Lansing Journal with you on your adventures — we love to see these Journal Journeys!)

Traveled to Slovenia

Summer vacation
Kevin Dolinar catches up on Lansing news from the beautiful shores of Lake Bled in Bled, Slovenia, on July 5. (Photo: Ann Cashin)

Celebrated the Fourth with family

Craig Gillis sent a series of photos from the Fourth of July he and his family spent in Chicago, fishing on Lake Michigan and enjoying Navy Pier fireworks. “The kids said it was the best Fourth ever. I was in tears as a dad and granddad,” wrote Gillis.

Summer vacation
Craig and Sabrina Gillis with granddaughter Evelyn Austra
Journal Journeys
Evelyn Austra
Summer vacation
The Gillis family, fishing on the Fourth
Sabrina and Craig Gillis with their granddaughter enjoying a Chicago Fourth of July

Got married

Summer vacation
Carrie Seymour Szubryt (right), 17-year resident of Lansing, and Robert Szubryt, brand-new Lansing resident, pose for a selfie after their wedding. Carrie wrote: “Taken after dinner at our Hotel RIU Palace. Married on July 1st in Chicago. Honeymoon July 3-10.”

Plunged into ice water wearing a cow costume

In Eagle River, Wisconsin, Lansing resident Tina Funchion did the “Pool-ar Plunge” (a summer version of the Polar Plunge) to raise money for Homes For Our Troops. Funchion and her friends and family raised $1,600 to see her jump into a pool filled with ice water. The total raised by all participants in the July 7 event was $12,779. (Photo: Emma Janis, fellow Lansing Resident)

Traveled to Europe

Journal Journeys
Lansing residents Karen Kijewski, Jim Kijewski, Joann Kijewski along with family members Cassidy Cosgrove, Vicki Kijewski, Lynda Green, Jeff Cosgrove, Becky (Kijewski) Cosgrove and Savannah Lopez traveled to France and brought their copy of The Lansing Journal to the Palace of Versailles. (Photo: Lansing resident Paul Lopez)
Summer vacation
The Kijewski family also visited the Eiffel Tower (Photo: Paul Lopez)

Enjoyed a peaceful Lansing morning

Journal Journeys
Yoga instructor Cheryl Mabry took a shot of the morning view from her back yard in Lansing on July 9.

Became a Swiftie

Summer vacation
Carol Schultz, Paul Schultz, Theresa Wories, Terry Rice, Mike Fish, Elly Clousing, Sue Bovino, Joyce Mulder, and April Lococo are among the “Swifties” who have been gathering at Coolidge Elementary this summer to watch the chimney swifts, as reported in the copy of The Lansing Journal they are holding. (Photo: Dan Bovino)
Summer vacation
In a rare moment in front of the camera, photographer Dan Bovino also catches up on the news at Coolidge. (Photo: Sue Bovino)

Traveled to Croatia

Summer vacation
Lansing Village Clerk Vivian Payne catches up on Lansing news while spending time with family on the island of Krk in Croatia. (Photo: Kristin Payne)

Keep those Journals journeying!

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Melanie Jongsma
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