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Video: An exclusive conversation with two of the people bringing México to Lansing


“Absolutely everyone is invited” to the production at Fox Pointe Saturday, September 2, 11 a.m. (gates open at 10 a.m.)

LANSING, Ill. (September 1, 2023) – “Every year México en el Corazón presents to the Mexican community, Mexican Americans, and the American public in general, a great show with the most representative music, dances, and folklore songs from Mexico,” says, the website that explains the purpose and history of the international production along with the current list of tour dates and cities.

Lansing is included in 2023’s second tour, which covers the east coast and midwest. Prior to Lansing, México en el Corazón was in Nashville, the Bronx, Times Square, Manhattan, Kalamazoo, and Melrose Park. After Lansing the troupe will appear at Millennium Park, Chicago, before heading to Houston for a final show.

The west coast tour comprised eight shows in California, Oregon, Washington, and Utah during May and June.

Lansing has been included in the tour since 2017, mainly because of Martha Vargas and Miguel Gutierrez, a Lansing couple who are passionate about sharing the rich diversity of Mexican culture. They took a break from the swarm of details surrounding the production, and allowed The Lansing Journal to ask a few questions about the México en el Corazón event at Fox Pointe:

Martha and Miguel emphasized that while they are very visible members of the team behind the production, the show is possible only through the work of hundreds of volunteers and sponsors. The sponsors are listed below on the promotional flyer —

Fox Pointe is located at 18138 Henry Street in Lansing, Illinois. It is an outdoor Ravinia-like venue, so bring a lawn chair or blanket to enjoy the show. More information is available through the following points of contact:


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