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Video: 7 shortcuts to finding news on our website

LANSING, Ill. (April 14, 2023) – The Lansing Journal publishes fresh news every day, and that information lives on The website features a variety of shortcuts designed to make information as accessible as possible.

Josh and Melanie shared seven of those shortcuts to help news-lovers efficiently navigate the website, conveniently share what they read, find related stories, connect with Lansing businesses, and more:

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:15 – The Lansing Journal website keeps people informed and connected
  • 0:35 – 7 shortcuts on The Lansing Journal website
  • 0:45 – Subscribers have the advantage (Subscribe at )
  • 2:20 – Shortcut 1: Social Icons
  • 3:54 – Shortcut 2: Related Stories
  • 5:18 – Shortcut 3: Author Pages
  • 5:57 – Shortcut 4: The Writing Team Page
  • 7:38 – Shortcut 5: Search Feature
  • 9:56 – Shortcut 6: Categories
  • 11:00 – Shortcut 7: Local Business Directory
  • 12:50 – Why we shared these shortcuts with you

Subscribing to the Daily News is actually a shortcut to all the other shortcuts. At about 0:45 in the video, Melanie points out the advantages subscribers have —

  1. Subscribers receive the news first
  2. The news is delivered directly to subscribers; they don’t have to search for it
  3. Subscribers receive fresh stories each day, so they don’t have to sort through old news to find new news

To become a subscriber, click the Subscribe link and enter the email address where you’d like to receive the Daily News: Subscribe (Also, it’s free.)


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Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
Josh is Managing Editor at The Lansing Journal and believes in the power and purpose of community news. He covers any local topics—from village government to theatre, from business openings to migratory birds.