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Coolidge’s Kevin Marcinski uses 300 bowling game to teach students

By Pachina Fletcher

LANSING, Ill. (January 5, 2022) – Last fall, Kevin Marcinski bowled a perfect 300 game for the first time in his life — an accomplishment that he’s since used to help teach PE at Coolidge Elementary School, where he’s been a teacher for 18 years.

“My mom signed me up for a summer league,” Marcinski said, who was 9 when he started bowling. “My high school didn’t have a bowling team. So I stopped participating until I went to college and took it as an elective. Then a friend invited me to join a summer league. And since then I have been consistently bowling.”

Marcinski is a resident of Munster, Indiana and bowls with a men’s league every Thursday from August to April.

Keven Marcinski received a specialty ring in recognition of his first-ever perfect bowling game.

Marcinksi received a ring and a plaque in recognition of his achievement.

“I am really proud of myself,” he said. “I was the last person on my team to accomplish this feat. When I realized during the game that it might happen it was nerve-racking. I didn’t converse with my teammates and they gave me my space. And allowed me to focus and stay in the zone.”

Marcinski’s accomplishment has also made its way to the classroom at Coolidge.

“We have implemented many varieties of sports into our PE program such as dance, juggling, yoga, fitness, and bowling. We want the children to be lifelong learners.” he said, adding that he incorporated some math concepts into his classes’ discussion of his 300 game.

To receive official recognition of bowling a 300 game, bowlers must be sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress sanctioned bowler, which Marcinski is.

“Bowling is a great sport to participate in. I encourage more people to get involved in it. Bowling is a dying sport and you don’t see many bowling alleys around. I hope that students will want to bowl after hearing my story.” Marcinski said.


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  1. Great, well written article about a local teacher. I have been teaching over 20 years and I am inspired by his story. Now I plan to go bowling with my family soon like we did before the pandemic.

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