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Local Voices: 20 Family Resolutions for the New Year


shared by Valerie McDaniels

Valerie McDaniels is Chair of Lansing’s Human Relations Commission, and one of the causes she is passionate about is Prevent Child Abuse Illinois. She forwarded the information below and agreed to share it as a Local Voices feature. The content is also available as a downloadable PDF at the Prevent Child Abuse Illinois website.

20 Family Resolutions for the New Year

Every year, thousands of people tackle the annual ritual of making New Year’s resolutions. Some resolutions succeed, and some don’t. One of the secrets to New Year’s resolution success is making the commitment together as a family. This year, we are calling on all families to make a commitment to each other as they build their New Year’s resolutions. Here are 20 suggestions for family-friendly New Years Resolutions. Pick one or several that are right for your family.

We as a family resolve to:

  1. Set aside one night per week as family night.
  2. Spend at least 20 minutes each day talking as a family.
  3. Work together on household chores.
  4. Read together as a family at least once a week — even with the older kids.
  5. Eat dinner together at least one night a week.
  6. Laugh together as a family every day.
  7. Practice good money management skills, helping children learn to save and spend wisely.
  8. Work together on a special family project.
  9. Look at family photos regularly.
  10. Visit with and listen to older family members tell stories about our family’s history.
  11. Volunteer time, resources, or both to a charity that serves children and families.
  12. Learn about a new culture as a family.
  13. Deal with any unsettled family business to promote peace in our lives.
  14. Connect with other families around us to build friendships and positive support systems.
  15. Encourage each other with praise rather than being critical.
  16. Let children make appropriate decisions for themselves to promote responsibility.
  17. Hold family meetings to solve problems, share good news, and plan fun family events.
  18. Discipline with love, patience, and understanding.
  19. Make it OK to talk about feelings (even the bad ones).
  20. Think of 20 ways that we can keep connecting over the next year.
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