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Christmas games: Round 3 – Christmas Rebus

Winners to be announced weekly and on Christmas Day

games created by Lansing Journal staff

LANSING, Ill. (December 20, 2021) – In the holiday spirit of trying something festive, The Lansing Journal launched a three-part series of Christmas games. Round 1 was a game called Guess the Christmas Carol. Round 2, which posted last Monday, was a game called Guess the Christmas Mondegreens.

Mondegreens were not as popular as Christmas Carols, but participation was still in the double digits. This week’s first order of business is to announce the winners, the first two people to email correct answers.

Winner 1: Jennifer Avenatti

Jennifer got up early enough last Tuesday morning to clear her throat and begin sounding out Mondegreens within an hour of receiving the game via email. (Yes, she’s one of our savvy subscribers, so she has a definite advantage.) She emailed the correct answer before sunrise and secured the glory of being announced as one of this week’s winners. Jennifer decided to use her celebrity status to give a shout-out and some link love to Rico’s Pizza. “Great pizza, run by some wonderful, hard working ladies,” she wrote in an email. “I appreciate Lansing businesses that have stuck through the tough times and are still in our town.”

Winner 2: Yvette Bickcom

“This was fun!” said Yvette in her email, along with her three correct answers. Her answers arrived just after sunrise, but long before any other correct answers were emailed to us. Yvette too is a Lansing Journal subscriber, and she receives all the benefits of being among the first to receive important information from The Lansing Journal each morning.

In addition to the local fame they are now experiencing, both Jennifer and Yvette will join Terry Kapteyn and Carla Bucci as entries in our drawing for the 2022 Life in Lansing calendar. Good luck to all of you!

For those who missed it, here’s the game, with the correct answers:

  1. Hoe Comma Leaf Hateful – O Come, All Ye Faithful

  2. Fir Awes Teeth Us Gnome An – Frosty the Snowman

  3. Jewels Hooch Are Riot Kid – You’ll shoot your eye out, kid! (a quote from the classic movie, A Christmas Story)

This week’s round of Christmas games: Christmas Rebus

Wikipedia tells us, “A rebus is a puzzle device that combines the use of illustrated pictures with individual letters to depict words or phrases.”

So here we go.

Christmas games Round 3 – Christmas Rebus

Christmas games

Email your guess to [email protected]. The first two correct answers we receive will be declared this week’s winners.

Winners of all three rounds of Christmas games will be announced in our weekly video, which is scheduled to publish on Christmas Eve and be in subscribers‘ inboxes at 5:01am on Christmas morning.

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