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Video: Railroad repairs, chickens as neighbors, and Halloween events

by Josh Bootsma and Landon Ford

LANSING, Ill. (October 29, 2021) – With Lansing Journal intern Landon Ford behind the camera, Melanie and Josh discuss the week’s news, chat about a new digital photo book, and preview upcoming Halloween events.

The above video was taken and edited by Landon Ford.


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Read about all the Halloween events happening soon:

Regarding Fox Pointe Halloween events, the weather has forced some changes to the plans originally posted in this article:

Village Communications Director and Scarecrow Supervisor Ken Reynolds confirmed on Thursday that Fox Pointe would be closed Thursday and Friday. “We are now adding a noon to 4 p.m. viewing and voting session on Saturday to try and make up for all the closures,” said Reynolds. “This will be the last opportunity to vote.”

Last year’s trick-or-treat event at Fox Pointe:

Landon Ford
Landon Ford
Landon is an 18-year-old senior at Unity Christian Academy in South Holland, Illinois, participating in their pilot internship program. His six-week assignment will provide an opportunity to attend meetings and events and learning interviewing and reporting skills. Landon loves to read fantasy, sci-fi, and non-fiction novels. He also spends his free time practicing the trombone or playing video games.


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