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nartoon: April answers

by Jim Siergey

The nartoon pictured above ran in the April 3 print edition of The Lansing Journal, and we promised to publish the answers online. Here they are!

References to April

  1. Miss April centerfold
  2. Jesus (Easter or Resurrection Day is usually in April)
  3. Easter Bunny (Easter is usually in April)
  4. Ram on lampshade (April’s horoscope sign is Aries, the Ram)
  5. April showers
  6. April Fool (the jester)
  7. Tax man (taxes are due April 15)
  8. Baseball generally begins in April
  9. TS Eliot’s “The Wasteland,” includes the line “April is the cruelest month”
  10. Buddha’s birthday is in April
  11. The globe (Earth Day is in April)
  12. Aphrodite sculpture (April is named after Aphrodite, and the Venus de Milo statue was also discovered in April)
  13. Swee’ Pea (April’s flower is the sweet pea)
  14. Daisy Duck (April’s other flower is the daisy)
  15. Diamond (April’s birthstone)
  16. April calendar

Did you find any others? Let us know in the comments!

Jim Siergey
Jim Siergey
Jim Siergey lived and worked in Chicago for 40 years before moving to Munster, Indiana, where he was discovered by The Lansing Journal during his first suburban art show. His signature "nart" is difficult to define, even for him, but most nartworks tend to be black-and-white illustrations, and most involve some sort of clever silliness or visual wordplay. The style is reminiscent of early animations like Steamboat Willie and 1950s Popeye cartoons (which Siergey concurs were an influence), and the humor evokes 1980s desk calendars from The Far Side series.