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Lansing residents invited to submit ideas for infrastructure improvements

Public input part of capital improvement plan process

LANSING, Ill. (November 2, 2023) – The Village of Lansing and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning are working together to create a capital improvement plan for Lansing, and public input is encouraged.

Capital improvement plan

According to an explanation of the collaboration on CMAP’s website, “Lansing is using support from CMAP’s Technical Assistance program to prioritize projects, identify funding strategies, and participate in training workshops to develop skills and build the village’s knowledge of the best practices for creating and implementing a [capital improvement plan].”

The capital improvement plan (CIP) will guide Lansing’s long-term infrastructure planning for the next five to 10 years.

According to CMAP, “A capital improvement plan can include various types of projects, including road construction and maintenance, water and sewer infrastructure, building construction and renovations, and public space improvements. A CIP also considers the ongoing maintenance and repair needs of existing assets, as well as the replacement of aging equipment.”

Public input

Village of Lansing Finance Director Brian Hanigan said, “The Village’s CIP will outline proposed capital projects and improvements that it intends to undertake over the next five to 10 years. … The Village expects to host a public forum where residents can provide input on community needs and learn more about the CIP.”

A date has not yet been set for a public forum, but residents are encouraged to use an interactive map to suggest infrastructure improvements, take a survey, or submit a question. They can do so by clicking this link: CMAP Village of Lansing Capital Improvement Plan.


According to the project timeline on CMAP’s website, after a public hearing takes place, the Village will draft a capital improvement plan in early 2024. The public will then be invited to provide input on that draft at another forum. After a final public hearing at the Village Board, the plan will be finalized in the spring of 2024, and implementation will begin.

More information on the project is available online on CMAP’s website.

Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
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