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Love Lansing a Latte? Support the Journal at Kdulche

Partnership officially starts November 1

LANSING, Ill. (October 31, 2023) – The Lansing Journal is once again partnering with a local business, offering Lansing residents a chance to show their support in a new — and still delicious — way.

Taking a cue from the Gayety’s summer special, Journal Java Chip, Kdulche’s Eduardo Zepeda reached out to Journal Publisher Melanie Jongsma during the Lansing Chamber of Commerce’s annual wine walk with a suggestion for a winter partnership.

“We wanted to form a bond with another business in the area, and grow each other,” said Zepeda, who co-owns Kdulche with Paola Ayala.

“We love these partnerships because they are mutually beneficial,” Jongsma said. “The Journal gives a lot of exposure to the businesses we partner with — through articles, video, and advertising — and that exposure brings new customers in the door. At the same time, we get new readers when people come in, try the product, and end up subscribing to the Journal. Plus, it’s such a fun, different way for us to be present in the community.”

The Lansing Journal Latte

Kdulche co-owner Eduardo Zepeda drizzles caramel over the Lansing Journal Latte. (Photo: Ashlee De Wit)

Within a few days of their initial conversation, Zepeda, Jongsma, and Journal Managing Editor Josh Bootsma had worked out a plan.

“We knew we wanted a coffee drink, and we wanted something for the season — something that would warm hearts, something that was as sweet and diverse as the community here,” Zepeda said. “We tried a few different things, but after we tried this latte, we knew we had nailed what we were looking for.”

The Lansing Journal Latte features espresso and steamed whole milk, and three pumps of a special syrup — a combination of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel flavoring, an homage to the diversity of the Lansing community. The drink is topped with whipped cream and a chocolate and caramel drizzle.

Like Lansing, it caters to a variety of tastes — feel free to ask for fewer (or more!) pumps of flavoring, an oat or skim milk substitute, or an iced version — it’s still the Lansing Journal Latte.

Kdulche is donating 100% of the proceeds from each latte to the Journal, again following in the footsteps of Gayety’s owner Laurene Lemanski.

Kdulche’s diverse menu for a diverse Lansing

The Lansing Journal Latte is also available to go or to stay. (Photo: Ashlee De Wit)

According to Zepeda, the latte would pair well with The Lansing Crepe, which is a best-seller at Kdulche and has a similar inspiration to the latte — it’s topped with a combination of strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and kiwi to honor the diversity of the community it’s named for.

Kdulche’s second anniversary is coming up in November. Zepeda, a resident of Hammond, has been thrilled by their welcome in the Lansing community.

“It has been great!” he said. “I have a lot of family here in Lansing, and it’s a great, diverse community. Everyone that walks in here has been saying that it’s great to have a place like this in the area, and that makes us happy. I live only five minutes away, and I really feel like I’m a part of this town.”

Kdulche specializes in Mexican fusion, but offers options for any palate. The menu features dishes like chilaquiles alongside choices such as stuffed French toast. The menu was re-done at the end of October, so whether or not you’ve visited before, it’s a great time to stop in and see what’s new – and grab a Lansing Journal Latte to go with it.

The Lansing Journal Latte is a partnership between Kdulche Café and The Lansing Journal. 100% of the drinks’ proceeds will go to the Journal.

Kdulche is located at 3521 Ridge Road, found online at, and can be reached at (708) 889-6235.


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Ashlee De Wit
Ashlee De Wit
Ashlee De Wit is a freelance writer and a Lansing native. After starting her career covering high school sports in Iowa, she's excited to be back in her hometown, reporting the stories of her local community — such as the opening of Troost, the informal Lansing pickleball club, a TF South Homecoming game, and Common Ground, Lansing's experiment with healthy race relations.


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