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Lansing Public Library hosts annual block party featuring new activities

LANSING, Ill. (August 4, 2023) – Ending the summer with its annual block party, the Lansing Public Library hosted fun events for Lansing residents and children of all ages. From a live band to a large petting zoo, there was no shortage of laughter and excitement as residents enjoyed the summer sun. The event was held from 6 – 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 29 on the front lawn of the Library.

A tradition for nearly 20 years, the Lansing Public Library Block Party featured the usual games and organizations; but this year, there were some changes. The library added new food trucks, and lines wrapped around the entire block.

“Me and Beth [Bozzo, director of Youth and Teen Services] worked together, along with other department heads and the Director,” Andrew Harootunian, Community Outreach Coordinator, said. “It was definitely a team effort as everyone had a part in it.”

Lansing Library staff and teen volunteers floated around the block, continuously checking in on any needs. Several Lansing Library staff members pointed to Andrew Harootunian and Beth Bozzo for playing a large role in games for youth services. Having begun planning back in January, the two helped put together the dunk tank, petting zoo, large basketball hoops, and foam cannon.

“I had many favorite parts which include the band,” Harootunian said. “Also, the food trucks and the foam cannon were great additions this year. But the best part was just seeing everyone that came this year, and all the happy patrons. It means a lot to us that people come, and that helps us push bigger and better events year to year.”

Aside from the games, various organizations such as the Lansing Historical Society and the Lansing Human Relations Commission made an appearance.


Block party
At the Lansing Library Block Party, a petting zoo was featured for both kids and adults. Patrons had the opportunity to feed animals outside the gate and get a close up look inside. The petting zoo was even larger than last year. (Photo: Reena Alsakaji)
A foam cannon at the event was put together by Youth Services. The canon was a hit all evening, with library workers continuously checking in on the machine. (Photo: Reena Alsakaji)
Live music was performed at the block party. Several Lansing residents sat in the audience watching, while others enjoyed the music from afar. (Photo: Reena Alsakaji)
A new addition to the block party, a Rainbow Cone truck sold hundreds of cones throughout the night. (Photo: Reena Alsakaji)
block party
The party included several activities for younger children, including the inflatable basketball hoop. (Photo: Reena Alsakaji)
The Lansing Historical Society was also at the event, taking on the role of showcasing old-fashion toys. Children got to learn about the toys and even take some home. (Photo: Reena Alsakaji)
Several book displays were set up at the block party. Book displays included a raffle, as well as books for $1 or $2. (Photo: Reena Alsakaji)

The Lansing Public Library is located at 2750 Indiana Avenue.


Reena Alsakaji
Reena Alsakaji
Reena Alsakaji is a freelance writer and a senior at Munster High School. She is the Editor-in-Chief of her school’s student-run newspaper, Crier. She is also involved in Munster Speech & Debate, Student Government, HOSA, Philosophy Club, and Poetry Club. Over the past two years, Reena has fallen in love with the Lansing community as she watched her mother go through the process of opening up a home decor business on Ridge Road (Cadou Decor). Reena hopes to broaden her coverage all over Lansing. Her favorite story so far is, “South Holland neighborhood group hosts Juneteenth event for hundreds.”