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Gov. Pritzker announces record-breaking hotel revenues in FY23, unprecedented growth in Illinois tourism

CHICAGO, Ill. (July 20, 2023) – Earlier this month, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker joined the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, elected officials, and industry leaders to announce that Illinois reached its highest-ever hotel revenue figures in FY23 ($308 million), surpassing the pre-pandemic record in FY19. Additionally, Illinois welcomed 111 million visitors who spent $44 billion in 2022, representing 14 million additional travelers spending $12 billion more than calendar year 2021.

“I am proud to announce that in the fiscal year ending June 30, Illinois saw the highest ever hotel revenue numbers,” said Governor Pritzker. “More tourism means millions of new visitors exploring all the amazing things that our state and city have to offer – supporting small businesses and local economies along the way.”

“Our highest-ever hospitality revenue is proof that we are truly the middle of everything,” said Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton, referencing Illinois’ current Middle of Everything marketing campaign, featuring actress Jane Lynch.

Since it launched in 2022, the “Middle of Everything” campaign has contributed to an additional 2 million trips equaling an additional $1 billion spent in Illinois hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and attractions, according to data from Longwoods International.

The award-winning “Middle of Everything” tourism campaign launched in 2022 and has contributed to an additional 2 million trips equaling an additional $1 billion spent in Illinois hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and attractions, according to data from Longwoods International. Additionally, every $1 spent on the campaign equated to $91 in visitor spending while generating $10 in state and local tax revenue for every dollar spent – an enormous return on investment.

State hotel revenue collections are provided by the Illinois Department of Revenue. The figure represents all of Illinois’ hotels, motels, and lodging establishments’ taxable revenue. Additionally, the annual economic impact of visitors is compiled by Tourism Economics and measures the number of visitors as well as their impact on Illinois’ economy during the calendar year.

State Hotel Revenues Collected (Measured by Fiscal Year)

  • FY19: $296,284,950.38
  • FY20: $249,905,941.23
  • FY21: $93,223,761.71
  • FY22: $226,465,760.39
  • FY23: $307,748,039.42

Visitor Economic Data (Measured by Calendar Year)

  • 2018: 117 million visitors spent $44.2 billion
  • 2019: 122.8 million visitors (+5% from 2018) spent $45.5 billion (+3% from 2018)
  • 2020: 67.4 million visitors (-45% from 2019) spent $23.3 billion (-49% from 2019)
  • 2021: 97.1 million visitors (+44% from 2020) spent $32.2 billion (+39% from 2020)
  • 2022: 111.3 million visitors (+14% from 2021; 91% of 2019 record level) spent $44.3 billion (+37% from 2021; 97% of 2019 record level)

Visitor spending surged to $44 billion in 2022 – $12 billion over calendar year 2021 and 97% of record 2019 levels, according to data provided by Tourism Economics. As a result of tourist spending and visits in 2022, the overall economic impact – which includes indirect and induced impacts – amounted to a staggering $78 billion, a 30% increase from 2021 figures ($60 billion).

Illinois has made significant investments in the travel and tourism industry, including $8 million for two funding rounds to support projects along Route 66, $3 million for tourism marketing grants, and $33 million for two rounds of tourism and festivals grants – amounting to nearly 200 awards benefiting communities across the state. Illinois has also distributed hundreds of millions of dollars directly to hotels, restaurants, and other tourism businesses through its Back to Business (B2B) and Business Interruption Grant programs.

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Office of the Illinois Governor
Office of the Illinois Governor
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