Video: Trustee candidates in their own words – highlights from the candidate forum

Photos: Quinton Arthur

Watch highlight video or full forum video

Text by Josh Bootsma, videos by Quinton Arthur

LANSING, Ill. (March 3, 2023) – The Lansing Public Library hosted the 2023 Candidate Forum for the four Village Trustee candidates running in the April 4 Election. Moderated by The Lansing Journal, the event ran an hour-and-a-half and featured topics like Village budget, economic development, the role of a trustee, gaming, cannabis, and community engagement.

The two videos below give viewers the chance to experience just a five-minute highlight reel of the forum, or the full hour-and-a-half event (condensed to an hour and 21 minutes).

Forum highlights

Full video

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  1. Thank you Lansing Library and the Lansing Journal . Tonight was very informative and interesting , Each candidate presented themselves well and very professional. made my mind up who to vote for starting with Maureen Grady Perovich, Saad Abbesy, and Jerry Zeldenrust. All three have been here a lifetime .

  2. Thank you for making this forum available to all of us who could not attend in person. It was very informative!

  3. I missed this in person and am grateful for the video. The Lansing Journal and candidates did an outstanding job of presenting valuable questions and answers.

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