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South Suburban College appoints new Trustee, elects Trustee Vivian Payne as Vice-Chair

information provided by South Suburban College

SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. (December 20, 2021) – South Suburban College (SSC) recently held a special meeting before its regular meeting of the Board of Trustees on December 9 to appoint new Trustee Vincent E. Lockett to the board. Lockett, of Country Club Hills, will fill the vacancy created by the recent passing of longtime Trustee and Vice-Chair, John Daly. Lockett took his oath of office before participating in the regular meeting.

Vincent E. Lockett (pictured left) was sworn in as South Suburban College Trustee at a special meeting before the December 9 Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees. (Photo provided)

During the regular meeting Trustee Vivian Payne was elected to serve as the new Vice-Chair to the board. Payne is Village Clerk in Lansing, Illinois, and has served on the SSC Board since 2017.

“I am looking forward to serving the Southland community in this new role and bringing attention to all of the educational pathways this outstanding community college has to offer,” said Lockett. “I would like to thank Chairman Zuccarelli and the Board for providing me with this new opportunity to make a positive impact.”

Throughout his career, Lockett actively supported economic development, public safety, and education. In addition to being elected alderman of Country Club Hills Ward 2 for six consecutive terms since 2005, Lockett currently serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee and Insurance, Risk, and Personnel Committee in his community. He has also served as Chairman of the Planning, Zoning, and Development Committee while maintaining membership on the Parks and Recreation and Public Works committees, respectively.

For the past 12 years, Lockett has been the owner and CEO of GCS Cleaning and Environmental Services. He has also worked in the automotive finance and mortgage industries for over 25 years. Lockett has four children and is a strong advocate for mentoring youth. He currently sponsors the Country Club Hills Cougars, Hazel Crest Mustangs, Midwest Hawks, Junior Olympics, and Special Olympics.

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