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Porch delivery begins

North Lansing first to receive The Lansing Journal’s December print issue

by Melanie Jongsma, Managing Editor

HARVEY, Ill. (November 30, 2020) – Josh Bootsma and I arrived early at Blue Island Newspaper Printing on Monday morning. We were there to meet Dan Leach of Chicagoland Circulation Services. He’s handling delivery— porch delivery —of the December print issue.

Leach spent about 20 minutes with us, explaining how his crews work and inviting us to let him know if we receive complaints from any of our recipients. It was clear that Chicagoland Circulation Services takes their work as seriously as The Lansing Journal does.

porch delivery
Dan Leach, owner of Chicagoland Circulation Services, checks the bundled quantities of The Lansing Journal inside the warehouse at Blue Island Newspaper Printing. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
porch delivery
Dan Leach had divided Lansing into three zones for his delivery crews. The blue zone received porch delivery of The Lansing Journal on Monday, November 30. The pink and yellow zones will receive The Lansing Journal on Tuesday, December 1. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)
porch delivery
Dan Leach (right) shows Jose Olguin the distribution map. Jose is the driver for Monday’s distribution crew. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

A distribution crew consists of walkers and a driver. The bundles of newspapers are loaded into a van, and the driver drops off the walkers at a starting point within the zone. He then meets them every few blocks to allow them to re-load.

Gilberto Garcia places a Lansing Journal on the porch of a Lansing home Monday morning. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)
At top speed, Oscar Hernandez delivers The Lansing Journal to a porch in Lansing. The crews work fast to deliver newspapers to 12,000 houses, condos, and apartments in Lansing within two days. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

Already by noon on Monday, Lansing residents were texting and posting on social media to confirm that they had received porch delivery of the newspaper. “Delivered today, just like you said,” wrote Tina Funchion. “Really close to the door!” Funchion also found a neighbor’s copy of the newspaper, which had been blown off the porch by Monday’s high winds.

Pasqal Pelopez (left) and Rafael Perez walk through a neighborhood in north Lansing delivering The Lansing Journal. Wind was a factor during Monday’s delivery, as evidenced by the blown-over toter. Though each newspaper was placed on the porch, strong winds reportedly swept them away in some cases. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

Porch delivery of The Lansing Journal’s December print issue is scheduled for every residential address in Lansing, to be completed by the end of the day Tuesday, December 1. In addition, Josh and I will be mailing copies to out-of-town readers who paid for a print subscription at the beginning of the year. If you live in Lansing and do not receive your printed copy by tomorrow, please let me know so I can work with Chicagoland Circulation Services to correct that. If you paid for a print subscription and don’t receive it by Monday, December 7, let Josh know so he can take care of you.

And when you do receive this special issue of The Lansing Journal, please say a quick thank-you for all the advertisers and supporters who covered the cost of preparing, printing, and delivering it.

porch delivery
Porch delivery—beautiful, isn’t it? (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

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Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.


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