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City Life Center launches program to serve 330 meals weekly

information provided by City Life Center

GARY, Ind. (May 23, 2020) – Last week, the City Kids Express initiative was launched in an effort to feed families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative was funded in part by the Legacy Foundation.

Local restaurants Chick-fil-A, Miller Pizza, Subway, and McDonald’s partnered with the center, donating food to support the cause.

Frank Jones loads a truck with donated Chick-fil-A sandwiches that will be delivered to families impacted by the pandemic. (Photo provided)

McDonald’s donated 50 cheeseburgers to the effort. “At McDonald’s we believe in supporting our neighborhoods and communities in any way that we can,” said Akisha Moore, area supervisor for McDonald’s. “We are proud to be able to help City Life Center and all the great work they do with the youth in our communities.”

Since the closing of schools, the center has taken several actions to ensure students are being fed throughout the week. “Kids are missing hot meals that they would normally get in school,” said Ken Barry, executive director of City Life Center. “We wanted to fill that gap by delivering hot meals at least twice a week.”

Transportation manager Frank Jones was one of the many employees who delivered meals to houses. “I feel blessed to be able to be a blessing to the CLC families who are in need of assistance during this pandemic,” said Jones. “Helping others allows me not to focus so much on my own needs and the chaos of the pandemic, but to think upon the needs of other families in our community.”

The center has also employed youth interns to assist with delivering food to families. “Seeing that the next generation is passionate about serving their community is confirmation to me that we are doing the right things,” said Barry.

From left: Parent engagement coordinator Eloise Smith, youth intern Brianna Smith and executive director Ken Barry picks up donated Chick-fil-A sandwiches for families. (Photo provided)

City Life Center is a nonprofit organization based in Gary, Indiana, that helps families thrive by connecting them to opportunities, resources, and information. More information is available at www.citylifenwi.org or by calling 219-880-4851.

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