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Purdue’s student-led communication firm creates 150 toys for Humane Society

information provided by Marietta Parianos

HAMMOND, Ind. (October 5, 2019) – Six board members from Cybernetic Communication Consulting spent Saturday morning at Purdue University’s campus in Hammond, Indiana, decorating toys for the Humane Society of Munster.

Using Sharpie pens, CCC board members decorated 150 ping pong balls. The total donated toys for cats and dogs was 170, which included store-bought items.

Cybernetic Communication Consulting designed 150 toys for the Humane Society. (Photo provided)

Samantha Feldman, reception manager of Humane Society Munster, welcomed the donation with one of the canine residents, Dance Magic Dance, a one-year-old spayed mixed-breed female.

“Item donations are very exciting because items can go directly to the animals or be used by the shelter right away,” said Feldman. “As a non-profit, Humane Indiana is 100% dependent on donations.”

Dance Magic Dance is one of the dogs at Munster’s Humane Society looking for a home. (Photo provided)
CCC board members spent the rest of the afternoon socializing with Dance Magic Dance and other residents of the Humane Society.

Hailey Bengtson, secretary of Cybernetic Communication Consulting, considered the event not only a team-building experience, but also a “fantastic way” to support the animals of the community.

“At our event, we laughed, we crafted, we listened to great music, but most importantly, we provided cute toys for animals who will appreciate them,” said Bengtson.

The student led nonprofit communication firm was designed to improve the communication culture with local businesses by performing a communication audit. The audit will entail a detailed analysis of an organization’s internal and external communication and offers solutions to their client if needed.

For more information about Cybernetic Communication Consulting, contact the organization at 219-501-0632 or email at [email protected].

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